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The following positions are currently available at ACT. If any of them are of interest, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

ACT Interim CEO (Voluntary)

Role Description

For up to 6 months or further until the role becomes job remunerated.  Flexible hours to suit. To start, January/February 2022.


Would suit a successful CEO in retirement or planning to retire so is financially secure.  Or a person who already has a paid position which allows him/her voluntary time to achieve this.   

ACT is seeking a creative & strategic leader overseeing year round delivery of performance programmes and public engagement focusing on all aspects of Art Culture and Tourism activity and international initiatives.  A key influencer and networker, having proven leadership skills, statistics required.


To liaise with Virtual Exec/Admin Assistant (to be recruited) & future Operations Manager, Founder/Director Marysia Zipser, plus 8 NEDs (UK based + 1 Italy), 3 Volunteers and 1 external Digital Consultant based in Sweden. All can be viewed on Meet the Team (& ACT Provenance under) and Meet the Board.


Promoting Art, Culture and Tourism through Storytelling.  Inspired by Nature & the Environment leading to health and wellbeing.  Promoting People & Places.  Arts/Humanities with the Sciences. 


Art Culture Tourism is a community interest company whose mission is to recognise, bring together and fuse the ethnically diverse creatives in its network, promote Beeston, Nottinghamshire, East Midlands and ACT’s artists, photographers, film makers, authors and performers on an international stage.  ACT hosts inward and outbound tourism opportunities encouraging local business investment, strengthening development and stimulating employment.

See ACT Core Values, Mission, Vision + Aims/Objectives under ‘About’.


Recommended ACT proven successful projects/events options that can be used 2022 all seasonal linked. 2023-25 Options are also written down:


- The Ghost Bus project into South Africa - End October-November to link in with Halloween & Day of the Dead. All primary/secondary project business research achieved covering 4 comparative countries - Ghana, Angola, S.Africa & Rwanda. Carried out by (Nottingham Trent University) Nottingham Business School Masters students June-July.  See ACT Provenance under Meet the Team.


- The Ghost Bus VR feasibility project by University of Nottingham Computer Sciences 2022 (Immersive Technologies). Initial scoping team in process.


- Year of the Roses 2022 international initiative - Submissions April - Sept.  October Online 60 Best Pictures exhibition & video. 2021 successful format/model to be used.  YearOfTheRoses | ACT


- Cultures Crossing live performance networking events 6-8pm - which months & where TBC.  Format & model can be applied to any place/town/city and overseas.  ACT T&Cs to be written from basic to tailormade.  Eg. 2022 Derbyshire towns. 5 Notts towns 2019 but Stapleford to do as it was postponed in June 2019.


- Podcasts - same applies - 30 mins duration. What’sOnLocal (Beeston & Notts) and What’sOnDigital (int’l).  2020 Successful format/model to be used see ACT Facebook Feb-June 2020.  Funded by sponsors.


- Ongoing - ACT Partnership Plan (artists, businesses, patrons, volunteers), artists gallery and representation, web shop, virtual art gallery, monthly newsletter, audience research.


For any enquiries and/or to submit your application, please email