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ACT Group Year of Roses Launch (7 of 12)


Aims & Objectives

Our Aims & Objectives written Jan 2014

  1. To promote Art-Culture- Tourism in Beeston/Chilwell and surrounds

  2. To promote and stage local community events (including digital online), workshops/exhibitions and educational initiatives

  3. Education is key driver

  4. To promote volunteer activity and business / employment through Art and Cultural events

  5. Events/exhibitions to be staged in conjunction with local, regional, national and international exhibitions and events

  6. To help promote current Festivals and future Festivals to grow annually and internationally

  7. To liaise/work with Beeston & Nottinghamshire local industries, corporate businesses and learning establishments eg Nottingham universities, colleges, local schools, libraries and educational groups

  8. To encourage creativity and awareness from residents of Beeston / surrounds and Nottinghamshire.

  9. To help bring inward investment to the area and future business / employment

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