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What others say about ACT


Stuart Senior

Director - Supervisory Board, Gleeds Global Property and Construction Consultants.  Mentor & Sponsor 2017 Out There Exhibition.

“Marysia’s style, resilience, energy, enthusiasm and vision for Beeston so far has been amazing.  Getting inspiration for the town has been fantastic and I’m sure the future of the arts and culture scene is in safe hands.  Hopefully the establishment of ACT will encourage more support from the local stakeholders and attract funding opportunities.”


Miles Hallam

Fred Hallam Limited, Beeston, Nottingham.  ACT sponsor. 

“Marysia has been a regular customer of Hallams for eight years and we were more than happy to support her in promoting her ambition in placing Beeston on the map as a leading centre for art, culture and tourism.  I’m sure you’d agree that ACT’s 2019 Cultures Crossing events have been a great showcase for her work in this field.”

Prof. Scott McCabe (1)

University of Nottingham Business School - Tourism Research & Marketing

Prof. Scott McCabe (2)

University of Nottingham Business School - Tourism Research & Marketing


Adam Greenwood

Owner & resident Robin Hood of the Robin Hood Experience, Nottingham.

"Marysia's great strength at Art Culture Tourism is bringing people together and introducing them to each other for a common goal. She's given me excellent promotional opportunities & photo shoots and hence more business."


Tim Pollard

Nottingham’s Official Robin Hood.

“Marysia is a power-house for ACT!”


Justin Donne

Senior Advisor - HR, Culture & Innovation Consultant - Speaker, Trainer, Author - Non-Executive (Independent) Director.  Justin is ACT Non Exec Director since Sept 2020.  

“Marysia is a visionary. Settling in Beeston, she quickly set up ACT to reignite, re-inspire & reinvigorate Art, Culture, Tourism to our town. As an artist, she has talent. As a leader, she’s doing more to relight our spirits than anyone, with energy and drive, uniting the many stakeholders and attracting people from all over the world. She brings unmatched experience with heart.”


Roberto Alborghetti

Visual artist, journalist, author.
​Founder of Lacer/Actions project.  Founder of the Ghost Bus 'Roads' Project.
Creator & producer of The Ghost Bus & Land Rover Mapping short films. 
​ACT Guest Artist.

"I got to know Marysia Zipser through LinkedIn and I immediately appreciated her professional skills and her incredible enthusiasm in building relationships and contacts all around the world. Her role in ACT Group gives important and meaningful support to all of Nottinghamshire and to all people who work and act in art, culture and tourism. Yes, Brava Marysia!"


​Alexandre Reis

Owner of the Contemplo Cia de Danca, Ilhéus, Brazil.

"Marysia Zipser has a unique spirit, a leader in its area of operation, loyal and with a knowledge and world view which goes far beyond her skills as manager of the ACT Group. She holds very positive qualities and demonstrates an unusual ability to convey the softness and beauty that art provides for us all, conveying the success triggers for everyone. It is a pleasure to write this recommendation for this great friend."


Helen Stevenson

Fine Artist at Edge2 Studio, Nottingham.

"Marysia has a contagious energy for inspiring and energising people to connect and instigate change. Individuals like this make a real difference to the invaluable connections we make in life's journey. The present economic climate and our dependence upon modern media and communications relies upon networking to build a better and more unified future."

ACT (with big thanks to Paul Bradshaw) recorded video testimonial interviews December 2018 to May 2019 with the following people...

​Paul Humphreys, D2N2 Growth Hub, ACT business advisor;  Mahmood Reza, ProActive Resolutions, ACT Accountants;  Jeanie Barton, singer/songwriter, ACT Non Exec Director;  Nina Kristofferson, actor/singer/writer/director/producer, London;  Justin Donne (see above testimonial), ACT Non Exec Director;  Suman Gupta, fine artist, India; Pam Miller, fine artist;   Owen Shipton, NottsTV;  John Currie, Beeston Film Festival;  Paul Swift, SynergyLife;  Fiona Greenslade, builder/interior designer;   Robert Richardson, visual artist;  Ted Langs, Int'l Strat. Comms, California;   Kwabena Boadu, Editor The Ghanaian Democrat & Political Analyst, Ghana;  Richard Ernster, Auctioneer, Helping Hands Charity & LINfluencer Co-founder, Sydney, >$100 Million donated to Charity.

John Currie

Director, Beeston Film Festival

Ted Langs (1)

Int'l Strategic Comms, San Diego, California, USA

Justin Donne

Director of Inspiration, Nottingham. Mentor & ACT Non Exec Director

Jeanie Barton

Musician, composer, writer, band leader, event & project Mgr. Founder of Beeston Street Art & Beeston Showcase, High Street Regeneration Consultant.  2016-present ACTive visual & musical arts collaborator with Roberto Alborghetti, Italy. ACT Non Exec Director.

Fiona Greenslade

Commercial interior designer

Owen Shipton

Head of Output, Producer & Presenter, NottsTV

Ted Langs (2)

Int'l Strategic Comms, San Diego, California, USA

Pam Miller

Fine Artist & Printmaker, Nottingham

Nina Kristofferson

Multi-award winning actor, singer, director, writer, producer : The Billie Holiday Story & Timeless. London

Peter Bullock

Peter's Shoemakers and Restorers


Costel Iarca

Contemporary Artist & Gallery, Chicago, USA

"One of the most admired, trusted and respected leaders in this business."


HA. Ganech Shivappa

Head - India GPN - - Elite coach operators in 38 countries from Europe, UK, USA, Canada, Oceania, Asia.

"ACTually blissful & ACTively graceful."


​Mini Puri

Business Development, Greater Boster area, USA.

"An-International-Good-Will-Ambassador’ is how I refer to Marysia who is a thoughtful person, an out-of-the-box strategist & a deeply committed friend. Her energy is infectious and backed with an amazing work ethic. Her passion and desire to reach out and help people from all walks of life is admirable. She is a true humanitarian and is always in the forefront to promote & help a good cause. I have had the pleasure of collaboratively working with her on projects and I can with certainty say that she has honesty, integrity and a very big heart. She will ALWAYS find a way to get the job done!"


​Dennis Arbour

Near Death Studies at Being the Phoenix, ​Rockport, Maine, USA.

"Certainly it cannot go unnoticed that Marysia is a lady of great worth and culture, knowledge and accommodation, linguistic skills and human understanding, a sharp eye to detail and a discerning mind based on oh so much experience. It is this that makes the world a better place."


​Caroline Bond

Content Writing, Edinboro, Pennsylvania, USA.

"Marysia has become a friend. She is my mentor in arts, culture and tourism. Her contagious energy lifts my spirits each day. Thank you Marysia for your continued support in the truly magnificent things of life."


​Sue Howard

Restoration Bookbinding & Conservation Services, Western Australia

"I wanted to write a short recommendation for Marysia. Her skills are well known and her attention to detail ensures the success of all she turns her hand to, but I wanted to share with you, somewhat in awe I must say, of Marysia's ability to reach out to people and touch them personally. Little notes of thanks, words of encouragement and a never-ending positive and cheerful attitude in all her works. Marysia is the kind of person who brightens your day when she enters the room, lifts the spirit and opens doors to let the sunshine in.  Where she makes the time to do all this, I don’t know but it is awesome to see!  Thank you Marysia, I have appreciated your friendship and know that in the future, you will, indeed, brighten the lives of many more people.  God bless Marysia."


​Liz Healey

Gibson Sotheby's International Realty, Boston, USA

"In the time I have known Marysia she has always promoted Art-Culture-Tourism not only in Beeston, Nottingham/UK but globally....and I hope she continues to do so because her heart, soul, thoughts and actions are always there for us. She is an extraordinary person in every way. It is my pleasure to give her my highest recommendation in all she does."


​Laura Bailey

Bookseller, Historian, Poet, Writer, New York, USA.

"I can recommend Marysia Zipser in the highest of ways. She is a tireless worker and an organizer of events. When she sets her mind to doing something she does it from her heart and nothing will stand in her way from making anything that she is involved in from being a total success. You can't go wrong in having Marysia give you a helping hand."


Rikhi Ram Thakur

National Head Marketing & Sales, Sheel Biotech Ltd, New Delhi, India

"Marysia, good evening with regards. First, when I went through your kind article & notes, I thought I must recommend you gracefully as being so decent & graceful lady full of self confidence, self control, may understand the set meaning of "yourself" in depth up to greater extent.  I can say she does not understand the word "can't" results into a very good kind-hearted & loving nature and human being who knows music & "inner will" of flowers.  I find her as a lady having sentimental, affectionate and crazy thoughts with great meanings to humanity.  I regard her as a true friend, by terming her - friends are everywhere but friends like Marysia are very rare.  So I salute her with Indian "Parnam" with folded hands."


Anthony E. Paneris

Investor at Real Estate, N. Carolina, USA 

"It is a pleasure to write this personal letter of recommendation for my dear friend, Marysia Zipser. Her people skills, intuitive leadership style, natural curiosity, attention to detail and near-encyclopedic knowledge of her field of study is highly admirable. Marysia is a loyal, honest, considerate, and supportive individual who has the ability to see and understand things from another person's perspective. All in all, I would have to say that Marysia is a fine person with an abundance of positive qualities."

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