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Submissions closed 31 October




The current edition of the great international initiative The Roses Of The Year will be dedicated to the memory of Queen Elizabeth II. The decision, made by acclamation by the friends of ACT Group (UK) and OKAY! schools magazine (Italy), wants to pay homage to the memory of the beloved sovereign of the United Kingdom, who passed away on September 8, after more than 70 years of reign in the service of the British people and the Commonwealth. Marysia Zipser (Founder of ACT) and Roberto Alborghetti (Founder of OKAY!) interpreted a collective thought, which arises from the fact that Queen Elizabeth loved roses and never missed an opportunity to promote their value, not only symbolic, as “Queen of Flowers”.

It should not be forgotten that Her Majesty’s personal banner – with which her role as Head of the Commonwealth was also identified – was made up of the golden and crowned letter “E” (Elizabeth’s initial), surrounded by a garland of roses and leaves of gold, on a blue background. Many photographic images have portrayed Elizabeth II in the royal gardens, where she often took care of her beloved roses.

It should be not forgotten the noble and significant gesture of choosing a rose (Shrub Rose) to dedicate to her husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, to commemorate his death, which took place on April 9, 2021, two months and one day before his 100th birthday. And to herself, to Queen Elizabeth, a rose was dedicated called “Queen Elizabeth”. And it is with the photographic composition of these two beautiful roses – photo by Patrizia Poggi – that ACT Group and OKAY! intend to dedicate the 2022/2023 edition of The Roses of the Year to the beloved Elizabeth II.

The official hymn, “The Roses Theme“, composed by the English singer and musician Jeanie Barton, is also dedicated to the late sovereign; the song is performed by the Students Choir of I.C. “Cassano-De Renzio” in Bitonto, Bari, Italy.

As is known, the initiative aims to invite people of all ages to express their creativity and their love for the beauty of nature, especially for the rose, the “queen of flowers”. Participation is open to all: individuals, groups, associations and schools. What must be done to participate in “The Roses of the Year”? It is necessary to take photos of everything that tells the world and the varieties of a rose, seen and represented in all its aspects. You can participate by photographing roses and gardens, or drawings, paintings, crafts of all kinds, room settings, mosaics and frescoes all dedicated exclusively to the “queen of flowers”. The images received will find their place online in a creativity gallery. A final public event is not excluded.

Participation is open to people of all ages and to schools. The photographs must be sent to:  by October 31, 2022. They will be selected for a major online exhibition that will develop into a video and a permanent photo gallery.

Submissions closed 31 October

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