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We are delighted to introduce you to the Year of the Roses 2021 great online exhibition with the best 60 pictures from Saturday 13th November.  Well done and a BIG thank you to all those who participated in this wellbeing initiative!  All roses' images and their stories submitted have been showcased on our respective social media from April to 30 September.  After submissions closed, the judges selected 60 of the best images received by ACT UK and OKAY! Italy which are categorized by name and country.   You can click in the centre of the images to enlarge and find out more.  You also can share any image by clicking on the lower right curved arrow to social media options and email. 


The launch of the final video of the 60 best photos will be on Wednesday 1st December.

The video will also be presented at Beeston Pilot Light Night, Nottingham, on Saturday 29th January 2022, 16.30 hrs – 22.00 hrs, in the land of Robin Hood.

This online exhibition and forthcoming video concludes our 2021 celebration of roses and what they mean to us.  Held during these difficult pandemic times, the initiative aimed to strengthen our spirits and encourage artistic and emotional expression - to celebrate nature and our place within it.  It has attracted beautiful creativity from different ages, cultures and nations.  For adults, it was an opportunity for them to release treasured memories of roses bringing family, friends and places closer together and for school students to create images that are innovative and meaningful. The rose is a sign of hope for the future.  Because after the thorns, we need the roses.


Enjoy the experience this exhibition brings you and feel free to Like and leave any comments for us at the bottom of this gallery page.  Thank you!

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The Exhibition is also on the OKAY! Italy website.

Click here for the Italian version

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