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Our story

ACT's Founder, ​Marysia Zipser moved to Beeston, Nottingham in 2012 and quickly learnt that the town's community was special. Its identity and sense of place was very strong.

What is so special about Beeston?

Marysia immediately identified Beeston’s potential as an international tourism destination, business and creative centre - prime location, excellent transportation links, creative industries hub, scientific and engineering business centre, abundance of “green” and recreational spaces, excellent specialist retailers and international restaurants/coffee shops, proximity of high-ranking international university and colleges, location of many industrial heritage sites, several remain active today.

ACT was established as a strategic vision to embrace the prominent creativity and flourishing of community interest and cultural groups in and around Beeston.


In the beginning...

Marysia decided to seek out artists/writers of all genres and on finding such wealth, she initiated and set up “creative” networking events to promote Art, Culture and Tourism. The first of which was on 4th December 2013 at Anglo Scotian Mills (Beeston’s landmark site) and “LACE” themed with a mini exhibition.

Being so well received ACT followed up with a second “live” performance networking event which was held in March 2014 entitled “CULTURES CROSSING”.

​The Cultures Crossing evening brought European press coverage and immediate publicity to further fuel progress to plan more ACT events to raise the profile of the art, culture and tourism opportunity Beeston has to offer.

ACT Group Year of Roses Launch (1 of 12)

From here the ACT group was born and continues to flourish

""GO with the flow...naturally...nothing forced"

- Marysia Zipser 2016

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