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 Exploring sustainability through the cracks of the old bus


The Ghost Bus Project exhibits the wonder of the Barton family history and the beauty of what human beings can do through creativity and mutual cooperation. It displays a series of short films combining the power of visual and musical arts. It encourages us to take the time to look more closely at our surroundings and discover the stories our environment can tell us.

The visual arts creations come from Roberto Alborghetti, developed from his “Lacer/Actions” project, which concerns macro photography of decomposed publicity posters, natural cracks and scratches, urban and industrial tokens and materials.

"There's an old bus

at Bartons garage,

in the ancient land

of Robin Hood.

After thousands of miles,

it's taking a rest,

tired and rusty. 

But if we look closely,

it continues to tell us the colours

of its days along the dusty roads

of the world..."

 - Roberto Alborghetti

These pages tell the story of the project and how it has travelled over the years since to inform, educate and excite audiences. Its journey continues... because the road never ends.

Roberto Alborghetti's video version of Marysia Zipser's "Letter from Beeston" about the Ghost Bus - broadcast on BBC Radio on the 20th of May 2020.


Ghost Bus 2015: Beeston

The world premiere of The Ghost Bus short films

Read more about the premiere and see more photos here


Ghost Bus 2015: Tuscany

The Italian premiere of the Ghost Bus short films

Read more about the event, see images and read all the press coverage here

Ghost Bus 2016: Rome

Autism and Art : Colours and emotions around the Ghost Bus scenes

Read more about the Ghost Bus and Autism and Art here


Ghost Bus 2017: Nottingham & Beeston

The return of the Ghost Bus Project, this time at Nottingham City Council House and around Beeston.

More from the event including more images can be found here

Ghost Bus 2018: Beeston

Premiere of the Land Rover Mapping short film at the Chilwell Arts Theatre

More from the event such as images, program and videos can be found here


Live film of the conversation with Roberto Alborghetti - PART 1

Live film of the conversation with Roberto Alborghetti - PART 2

Ghost Bus 2019: Beeston

The Ghost Bus screenings as well as conversations with Roberto Alborghetti at The Gallery 

"I was pleased to be invited to this event and was fascinated by the excellent work. It’s delightful to see the creative community bringing events like this to our Borough."


- Mayor of Broxtowe, Councillor Michael Brown

Read more quotes, see images and read more about the event here

Read more about the massive organisation behind this event here

Ghost Bus 2022: Nottingham & Beeston

Roberto Alborghetti makes a whirlwind day visit (& 2 nights) to strengthen ties of friendship and cooperation between Nottinghamshire UK and Italy.


This historic day and evening is recounted in various blogs, photographs and social media. by Janine Moore   (with press release)

ACT Roberto Alborghetti visit 2022 web (7 of 23).jpg
ACT Roberto Alborghetti visit 2022 web (13 of 23).jpg

The Ghost Bus Future: Africa

The plans of expanding The Ghost Bus Project to Africa is on full way and we look forward to share more about it in the future.

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