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Beeston’s beautiful St John the Baptist Church hosted the spectacular Ghost Bus Night Show to a delighted audience.  It was truly a visual and musical arts immersive experience.

Roberto Alborghetti, Italian author, journalist, visual artist and official biographer to Pope Francis, came to Beeston, and Nottingham, for his 8th time since 2014 when he first set his eyes on the old rusty bus at Bartons Garage.  Roberto produced and presented a series of short videos including three new ones: the JCidel Collection of handbags created in USA and Italy taken from his macro photo images, shown at London, Paris & Miami Fashion/Art Weeks 2023;  Lacer/Actions in London Special Edition and BEESTON is ABSTRACTIVE, a video dedicated to Beeston 2014-2022.

The Ghost Bus project has been travelling around the world for 10 years.  It is part of Roberto’s Lacer/Actions multi disciplinary project which he started over 25 years ago concerning macrophotography (and street macrophotography) of decomposed and torn publicity posters, natural cracks and scratches, and urban/industrial tokens.  Please read about the Ghost Bus story here

Roberto also visited the Chillwel Garage again, where the Ghost Bus is parked, welcomed by Simon Barton and his son Richard. He also walked through the new Barton Quarter, commenting in very positive terms on the building solution of the Georgian style housing unit built in Chilwell.

The event was directed and curated by Marysia Zipser – Art Culture Tourism, promoted by Visit Nottinghamshire and The Beestonian magazine; supported by Broxtowe Borough Council, Nottingham City Council, Nottinghamshire County Council, Confetti Media Group, Nottingham Trent University, University of NottinghamJeanie Barton Music.

After ten years of ACT, it was announced that now Beeston is the UK’s Art Culture Tourism Capital.

The Ghost Bus Night Show received numerous interesting comments. We present some of the many sent also through social networks.

“Being a budding photographer It was my pleasure to attend. I found the event fascinating, learning about Roberto’s work and his talent for transforming decay into abstract art, revealing the hidden beauty in everyday surfaces. The experience was further enhanced by the accompaniment of Jeanie Barton’s original music.  It really showed that there is beauty all around us, if we only opened our eyes more.”   – The Mayor of Broxtowe, Councillor Sue Paterson.

“The Ghost Bus Night show was a great event, well done!  I was particularly impressed with your fashion designs and seeing your artworks on bags!  The music composed and recorded by Jeanie Barton-O’Shea in 3 of the videos was excellent.”  –  Marcus Gilmore, designer

“So very interesting. The photos are beautiful. Really extraordinary eye for detail. I could see many images untold. Thank you.”  – Liezel Magill

Congratulations, Roberto! A lovely evening with memories of my experiencing your first reaction, Roberto, to the Bartons old bus where I and others first saw your fascination with the deteriorating surface and which you later named The Ghost Bus. Yesterday evening, it was great to see, once again, the journey you had been on, developing macro photography into fascinating visual imagery, made into short films; I, also, enjoyed seeing, for the first time, the film of your macro images as the J Cidel Collection – handbags shown in London, Paris & Miami Fashion Art Week 2023. One new film (special edition) that made a lasting impact on me, also, was LaceR/Actions in London, capturing abstracted imagery of the peeling posters on the underground, with its punchy accompanying music and intermittent visual and sound tracks of members of the public as they passed by, creating a real contemporary feel. I left the evening with the beautiful voice of Jeanie Barton O'Shea ringing in my ears and the variety of abstraction you had created, Roberto, from such simple source material. Thank you for an interesting evening and to Marysia Zipser, Simon Barton and all involved in the creation and organisation“, Pam Miller, artist

I really enjoyed the evening!! Well done to all involved. There are some very creative people out there!” - Lesley Grand-Scrutton 

L’originalità e la perspicacia degli Alborghetti di Ambivere, oltre che con Enrico VII di Lussemburgo, che li ha fatti signori di Bergamo, con tutti I discendenti con il suo diploma storico del 29.07.1311, riprende terreno con te, grazie alla tua creatività e profondità umana. Bene!“ - Maria Cristina Corti


“The originality and perspicacity of the Alborghetti of Ambivere, as well as with Henry VII of Luxembourg, who made them lords of Bergamo, with all their descendants with his historical diploma of 07.29.1311, regains ground with you, thanks to your creativity and human depth. Good!“ - Maria Cristina Corti

Bellissimo il progetto del Ghost Bus che rivive e viaggia ancora nelle “Lacer/azioni” di Roberto Alborghetti. Un vero ponte di cultura che unisce l’Italia alla Terra di Nottingham, ma anche a Byron, di cui Ravenna è sede della Italian Byron Society affiliata alla prestigiosa International Association of Byron Societies, che promuove in tutto il mondo la diffusione della cultura byroniana attraverso conferenze, dibattiti, eventi, mostre, borse di studio, ecc.“ - Patrizia Poggi, organizzatrice e curatrice di eventi d’arte Translation:

"The Ghost Bus project is beautiful and still lives and travels in Roberto Alborghetti's “Lacer/Actions”. A true bridge of culture that unites Italy to the Land of Nottingham, but also to Byron, of which Ravenna is the seat of the Italian Byron Society affiliated to the prestigious International Association of Byron Societies, which promotes the diffusion of Byronian culture throughout the world through conferences, debates, events, exhibitions, scholarships, etc.“, - Patrizia Poggi, organizer and curator of art events.

“Thank you for organizing this fantastic event. I love the talks, the videos and colours! Very interesting journey”. - Carla Chiericallo

“Interesting and inspirational evening. Many thanks to Roberto, Jeanie and Marysia”.. - Wesley and Anne

Very interesting perspectives! Thanks“. From The Guests Book

Fabulous!“, Lulu and Silina, From The Guests Book

“Roberto’s talent lies in taking macro photographs of chipped paint, scratches, torn posters and splashes of paint and turns them into mini works of art. Look closely and they could be maps of strange lands. Mini multicoloured countries skimmed by unusual coloured seas. Earlier in the day he met up with Robin Hood and his bunch of outlaws near the castle and visited Britain’s oldest pub, the Trip to Jerusalem. Tomorrow he plans on visiting his old friend the Ghost Bus at Bartons bus depot in Chilwell…” Christopher Frost, From “The Beestonian” magazine.

Earlier in the day we met up with Robin Hood, Little John, Will Scarlet and Maid Marian by the Robin Hood statue at Nottingham Castle

Marysia Zipser

Founder & ACT Ambassador

Photos by Nigel King Photography, Christopher Frost, Marysia Zipser


The Ghost Bus project and the very inspirational talent of Roberto Alborghetti go hand and hand to bring wonderful people and special places together creating the best kind of memories. I have enjoyed seeing such quality photos of the event created by Nigel King Photography, Christopher Frost, Marysia Zipser, and an incredible write up here by MZ, I can really feel the atmosphere of the evening. Congratulations to everyone involved and wishing Roberto Alborghetti the very best in all future Ghost Bus projects. It's important to notice the details in the every day things. Such beautiful art.

Janine Moore.

Replying to

Thank you so much Janine for your wonderful comments about the Ghost Bus project and the amazing talents of Roberto Alborghetti, as well as the event photos by Christopher and Nigel. I really enjoyed writing the article/blog/press release because I'm always inspired by Roberto and his way of seeing things that we don't even imagine. Yes, the Ghost Bus Show and project will be travelling this year to exciting places and cities around the world. Thank you again for your valued supportive words as always Janine.

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