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Core values, Mission and Vision


From the heart of the Midlands spreading a spider of creativity across the globe.


Encourage positive and meaningful collaborations to enhance cultural unity through diverse and sustainable programmes and activities


Celebrate diversity of ideas and cultural heritage that promote business investment and employment through Art Culture and Tourism.


To connect, communicate and collaborate with creative communities all over the world from the heart of the Midlands.


To be the connecting platform for cultures crossing to promote mutual well-being, sustainability and relationships with no boundaries for Art, Culture and Tourism.


  1. ACT’s mission is to embrace a fusion of multi-cultural creative projects from the heart of the Midlands and across the globe to act as one single voice

  2. To bring community interest groups and creatives together under one umbrella to promote Art Culture and Tourism activities leading to business investment, development and employment.

  3. To bring community cohesion for healthy and profitable relationships in the creative business by sharing understanding and knowledge of multicultural interest.

  4. Deliver event formats (physical and digital online) and subjects/themes in sustainable and interchangeable fashion so they can be staged year after year at different venues and locations.


  1. To promote Art - Culture - Tourism from the heart of the Midlands and across the globe

  2. To promote and stage community events (including digital online), workshops/exhibitions and educational initiatives

  3. To promote volunteer activity and business / employment through Art, Cultural and Tourism events

  4. Events/exhibitions to be staged in conjunction with local, regional, national and international exhibitions and events

  5. To help promote current Festivals and future Festivals to grow annually and internationally

  6. To liaise/work with the Midlands local industries, corporate businesses and learning establishments and nurture established relationships across the continents

  7. To encourage creativity and awareness to help bring inward investment to the area and future business / employment in conjunction with the development of international relationships for mutual benefits.

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