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Roberto Alborghetti visits Beeston and Nottingham Castle - by Janine Moore

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

On the 13th of April, Roberto Alborghetti made his 7th visit to Beeston since 2014, staying on this occasion at The Star Inn, where he was due to join his friend and ‘creative partner’ Marysia Zipser, Founder of Art Culture Tourism, and guests for a Facebook live streaming and networking evening.

His busy day began with an interview by Lara Davies of Notts TV in Screen 6 of the ARC Cinema Beeston.

Nottingham Castle

Soon after, Roberto, Marysia and William Ranieri, travelled into Nottingham by tram to take a tour of our historic Nottingham Castle where they were welcomed by the Lord Mayor of Nottingham, Councillor David Trimble and accompanied the group into the castle. Roberto discovered through his tour the history of the castle and the more recent improvements there. He was very impressed with the exhibitions and took a real interest in the history of the rebellion in the land of Robin Hood. Nottingham as “Rebel City. “

It made for a great photo opportunity beside the Robin Hood statue with Roberto, the Lord Mayor, Marysia, William, and representatives from Visit Nottinghamshire/Marketing Nottingham - Jack Woolley and Annette Thorney - who had kindly organised their castle ticket entries. See artculturetourism Facebook & Instagram social media links for all photos and Twitter /ACTBeeston.

Roberto’s close association with our town, city and our broader Nottinghamshire/ East Midlands area not only brings communities together through creative projects but strengthens the friendship between Italy and Nottinghamshire in the UK.

Networking and Livestream

The evening event at The Star Inn began at 6pm and was hosted by Marysia in conjunction with Nottinghamshire County Council, Marketing Nottingham/VisitNotts and Broxtowe Borough Council. She introduced Roberto Alborghetti - award winning Italian journalist, visual artist, author and biographer to Pope Francis - and William Ranieri - videographer and filmmaker, based in Brighton, who had interviewed Roberto in 2019 at the Barton Garage, Chilwell, entitled, ‘In Conversation with Roberto Alborghetti’ - see Subjects briefed on by Roberto included how the Pope enjoys good food, simple and freshly made dishes, and surprisingly his love of dance and music. We learned that Roberto has written 7 books on Pope Francis to date, such a great achievement. One such book is “A tavola con Papa Francesco” published in March 2018 in 15 languages and by different publishing companies (Mondadori, Velar-Elledici, Bayard, Larousse, Verlag Sudwest, Novalis…) “Enjoy your meal!”

He spoke about The Ghost Bus project, which has, and still is, encouraging inventiveness that is bridging across cultures and ages and travelling as a short films educational project across the globe, with more Ghost Bus projects in the making. Roberto created art pieces using his macro photography of the old 1950's bus in the Barton Garage and continues to motivate artistic expression through his imagery.

I found The Year of the Roses 2021 to be a very stimulating, cooperative project, not only giving hope and wellbeing, but bringing creative ideas into focus throughout a range of cultures and languages - after all, an image of a beautiful rose is a rose in any language. It was good to have RA’s YouTube videos playing on the surrounding wall screens as a reference as he talked us through his work. Four of his visual collaborations accompany the wonderful music of Jeanie Barton. Roberto announced that an extraordinary performance of the latest version of Jeanie’s roses theme has been created by the Choir and Orchestra of the Cassano-De-Renzio Comprehensive Institute in Bitonto, Bari (Puglia, Italy), directed by Saverio Pansini. So, this will launch the Roses of the Year 2022 in mid-May. Roberto spoke about his hopes for the younger generation, his ideas of encouraging people to broaden their experiences, to learn to be more expressive and spend less time using IT screens by becoming more proactive outdoors, making things with their hands physically, in doing so, the younger generation would certainly be getting a wonderful opportunity to become healthier in mind and body.

The guests attending were a very wide mix of gifted and innovative people who worked on a variety of projects and skill sets, from artists, journalists, musicians, teachers, linguistics, and marketing, through to videographers, tech, and the written word.

My youngest son, Jeremy Moore is a Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies student currently studying TV, film and media. He took some of the photos. Alongside fellow Confetti student, Tyler Cope, who with his phone and laptop, and assisted by William and Jeremy, started the live streaming up and working. My daughter Jemma began helping in the early stages but could not attend on the night; my husband John also came supporting us and so enjoyed taking part in the networking along-side us.

This special evening was made more so by the delightful, and delicious buffet spread of pizzas, antipasti and deli foods supplied by The Star Inn. After all, networking can make you hungry and the buffet can be a gathering point at which people start conversations.

In my eyes, it was a successful and vibrant evening and a real pleasure for myself and my family to be a part of, meeting some lovely people. It was so good to meet and talk with Roberto and William, both an inspiration. Everything felt very natural and had a great fun vibe about it too, well done Marysia, Roberto and William.

The 13th of April in the land of Robin Hood with Roberto Alborghetti and friends was certainly another adventurous experience for all. Thank you to everyone involved and looking to the future with continued alliances.

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