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Inna Schutts

Welcome to my blog

The art of photography got my admiration long time ago. I remember buying National Geographic and LIFE magazines and longing to see all places showcased throughout the pages.
Realising back then that photography has the power to make people feel inspired, sad, happy and even take actions made me want to acquire such skills.
Looking through pages full of beautiful destinations and stunning sites, I was dreaming to go there and see all of them one day because of visual images and stories behind them.
Being lucky enough to have been traveled to many places in America, Europe and some parts of Asia I started taking photos of all amazing places I visited during our travels.

When my family moved from the USA to the U.K. and started exploring all the incredible historical sites and charming towns of England, Wales and Scotland, I became more and more obsessed with the desire to take such photos which would inspire people to travel and see these locations for themselves. I also started to share information on social platforms and on my family travel blog about the places my family has been to so far, hoping it will give other families not only useful insights but also spike their interest to visit destinations with their kids!

Continuing to learn all the ins and outs of photography, I hope maybe one day my photos will be seen in some of those magazines which inspired me to travel and see the world. In my  portfolio  you can see some of the photos I took over the years of traveling.

The cultural aspect of tourism always fascinated me and so when I got an opportunity to join Art Culture Tourism as contributor and a photographer I didn’t hesitate a moment. It is now one year since and our team has hosted several visual art & performance events; we have many exciting projects and plans for the future of ACT. 

With our ACT team we are working on showing how rich the local pool of talent is and exposing it not only in our community but also internationally.

Our newly launched monthly podcasts bring relevant updates on all things art, culture and tourism! 

On ACT website we curate and produce events, and we are planning future collaborations which create a community of like minded people! I hope you will join us for the experience and learning new skills! 

Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer

Travel Fever

I love to travel near and far
It doesn’t matter by plane or by car, 
I see new places 
I learn new things
I meet new faces 
And grow  wings

I have fever to see new lands, 
Discover traditions and make new friends! 

But you might ask me “why to go? 
I can read books or watch a show! 
Why do I  need to leave my home? 
Why do I have to walk in Rome?”

There is so much to see, you know
To learn, experience and grow.... 
Grand Canyon with breathtaking view, 
Just let its breath to go through you!

Be mesmerised by Yellowstone, 
by Faithful geyser high-up thrown! 
Cross Golden Gate, and touch the fog
Walk through the Redwoods with your dog!

Explore gigantic Mammoth Cave 
feel real darkness, but stay brave! 
See islands kissed by mighty ocean, 
And meet new sunrise on a beach
Be hypnotised by waves in motion
And hear dolphins’ distant speech!


Get lost in Paris, Rome or London
Run up the stairs of Notre-Dame, 
Touch ancient ruins of Coliseum and think of people long time gone.

Find local food and taste new flavour 
But close your eyes for mindful savour. 
Hike up the hills behind a castle 
Enjoy the views while climbing high,
Sit, rest and leave behind all hassle
Enjoy this moment of your life! 

That’s why I think we need to travel
We can experience so much, 
We have a choice to walk same gravel
Or tell trip stories during lunch! 
Yes you can read of someone’s journey and you can watch what they have done 
But can you feel the heat of desert, 
or taste delicious croissant!

Get wet by waters of Niagara, 
and hug Sequoia if you can! 
Admire sites of Barcelona, 
Find Robin Hood in Nottingham!
​This life is short so, make some memories,
Feel, see, taste, wonder and explore
And not from someone’s documentaries
But from your trips to other shore!

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