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ACT guests Roberto Alborghetti & Jeanie Barton are LIVE Tuesday 26 May

ACT welcomes you this Tuesday 26th for our What’sOnDigital #Ep.3 LIVE Facebook streaming and podcast at 16.30-17.00 hrs GMT for our next episode with our team, Inna Schutts, Dawn Lindson and Marcus Gilmore, with Caron Lyon of PCM creative producing.

June 2019 at Trattoria L'Oliva, Beeston. L-R Marysia Zipser, William Ranieri, Marco di Blasi, Jeanie Barton, Inna Schutts & Roberto Alborghetti.

To those in Beeston-Nottingham, Roberto needs little introduction as he has been our Guest Artist annual visitor for the past five years. Our Ghost Bus website blogs illuminate his story and Visual Adventures in the Land of Robin Hood, and his last visit in 2019. “Can you believe that this Art is from an old bus?” his 2015 film trailer asks. No, we couldn’t believe it Roberto, until you showed us! Go onto his blog site to find out more about him. I will be interviewing Roberto, live from Bergamo, not only about The Ghost Bus, but also about his online Vorticism: Lockdown exhibition and his active Italian educational and editorial program with schools.

We also welcome singer-songwriter Jeanie Barton who began her collaborative musical arts journey with Roberto, when introduced to him, at the Ghost Bus Show on 27th March 2015 at its film premiere at Barton’s garage. Her recent experiences have been active composing and performing music with her Lockdown Lifts on YouTube and social networks. ​You can also experience Roberto’s RadioVision production with my voice recording of “Letter from Beeston” broadcast on BBC Radio Nottingham last week.

All in all, it will be a very informative and entertaining show. Here are the links. Please go onto , Like the page, if you haven’t already, and scroll down Upcoming Events and click on May 26. We hope to see you there. If you are unable to, you can easily watch this afterwards at your leisure, or listen to the podcast after its release later this week. ​Andiamo! Let’s Go! Marysia Zipser Find me on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn


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