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ACT's March Cultures Crossing takes to the Nottingham stage

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Blog by Inna Schutts #ACTCC7

Cultures Crossing 7 @Minor Oak Coworking, Sneinton Market

Sneinton market is known as the artist/artisan headquarters of Nottingham. So it was excellently suited to host one of ACT Culture Crossing events, which is full of creative people, artists, singers, poets, storytellers in one of the most inviting and welcoming venue such as Minor Oak Co-working - Nottingham’s resource for flexible work, located in the heart of Sneinton market.

The evening of March 27th was another successful artistic display of local as well as international performers who shared their talent with everyone who attended.

​The opening performance of the night was by a fascinating singer from Ukraine, Iryna Muha. Iryna’s beautiful voice and talented instrumental accompaniment took us on the journey along Trent river and to a remote village in Ukraine.

Next, the guests had a chance to see the process of creative approach to painting, presented by Oliver Lovely. Oliver took on the task to paint the Nottingham’s well known Major Oak tree in the 10 minutes time slot he was given. He shared his technique and the way he usually works on a project. Even that 10 minutes wasn’t enough time to finish the artwork, still it was quite amazing to see the creative process and what it takes to finish a painting.

During the evening we learnt about the history of Sneinton market and how it almost disappeared, but thanks to the people who loved the area and fought for its survival, is now revitalised and became a hub for creative people.

Mark Curwood’s performance as Frank Wilcott was hilarious from the start. He made the

audience part of his act making it even more


The last act of the night gave some guests a chance to learn to dance Kizomba. Dancers Alvin and Milda filled the space of Minor Oak with rhythm and grace.

​Two dancers became one beautiful entity moving gracefully to the African beat.

And in between acts, artists and guests had an opportunity to talk, to catch-up with old friends, to meet new people and to enjoy the company of each other. All performers were amazing in what they do. Every act was different, colourful and amusing in its own way and that’s what makes Culture Crossing events especially interesting - it will always manage to surprise you!


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