Another ACTive Week with Marysia Zipser

Friday 13th - Monday 23rd October

Adam Greenwood with Peter's Shoes apprentice Lilly Deeming.

Photo Opportunity

Friday 13th October A great fun day! The main meeting for me was 12.30pm at Peter’s Shoes, Low Pavement for photo shoot arranged between Peter Bullock, Lilly Deeming, Adam Greenwood with Christopher Frost as photographer. I was present today helping with the photo direction. (Telling stories to share the delightful business owners I encounter day to day representing my artists and promoting art, culture and tourism around me makes me happy.) Today was all in aid of The Outlaw and the Shoemaker series, this one introducing the Shoemaker’s Apprentice, Lilly, and later on Maid Marian played by Lisette Sorensen. Check out my press release to see more wonderful Christoper "A Touch of Frost" pictures. The PDF version can be downloaded for press purposes.


Saturday 14th October Yay! OXJAM Beeston Take-over!! I managed to get to see and hear some amazing talented musicians and singers perform during the afternoon in Beeston. Check out Christopher Frost’s report for The Beestonian and his fantastic photos on the Oxjam Beeston Takeover Facebook Page! ​Well done Chris, you must have been exhausted with all your coverage all day and night! Read The Beestonian on ISSUU Check out the website

Social Media Sunday

​Sunday 15th October Bright and early, 6.00 - 7am a 3-way talk via FB Messenger with dear friends & ACT supporters Von Striker in Dallas and Mr Johnny Kim in Los Angeles! Yes I do get up early especially to talk with USA friends about business!

Time to THiNK

Monday 16th October

Busy catch up day starting with social media, emails and telephone calls.

In the evening I attended a great evening at THiNK, Cobden Chambers from 6.30-8.30 pm "Hard Heads & Hang Ups" to support our Mental Health Nottingham initiatives and listen to some amazing women with their stories, plus a round of collective democracy voting for best community/social enterprise idea.

The winning 'pitch' collected £670 that evening, congratulations!! And thank you Jeanne and Emma for organising a great SOUP evening with marvellous attendance!