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Calm before the Cultural Lion's Roar - part 1 of 3

Photo Credit: Marysia Zipser

Saturday 16th September Relaxing in readiness for Art Photographer Sara Gaynor’s 50th Birthday Bash at Beeston’s award-winning restaurant Roya on Wollaton Road, with best friend and fine artist Pam Miller. Well what a joyous celebratory occasion it was... fantastic company of about 30 of Sara’s friends and family with 1967 Summer of Love music flowing out continuously. Marvellous vegetarian Persian inspired food, impeccable personal service by Roya, and riveting conversations and laughter. So much singing along to those memorable songs of Donovan, Procol Harem, Beach Boys, Small Faces, Led Zeppelin, Beatles… get the picture, well hear the music! Pam and I were worn out come 10.30pm and slipped out leaving about 20 to have another blast of a party and disco dancing. There was a beautiful interlude when talented sitar player, Lance Hume, quietened us all down with his karma presence and music playing.


Sunday 17th September

Sunday was quiet uneventful by my standards. No hang-over as I only drank water previous night at the birthday party, so my sleep-in was a pleasant one. I went for a stroll with artist Marcus Gilmore, my son and his girlfriend Annie to the Beeston canal, five minutes away, to the weir cottages now known as Beeston Canalside Heritage Centre, admired the views and breathed in the fresh air of the park with the meandering River Trent alongside. Then we cooked up some glorious food together to appease our renewed appetites.


Monday 18th September Up early with the lark to write my ACTion list for the day. Responded to all my emails and attended to social media. Chased up last minute press to find out whether they were or were not attending Tuesday’s ACT Press/Promo Launch in Nottingham city centre. I had sent out press releases and Joe Ganech Robin Hood image a week before so needed certain confirmations. Also chased up several invited VIPs to check whether they were attending. I enjoy telephone liaison and getting to the immediate point. I Like to know where I stand especially before an important art and cultural event or exhibition. ​At 5pm Marcus and I went over to artist Dawn Booth’s house in Chilwell to collect her easel for the next day (to display Joe Ganech’s Robin Hood - Prince of Nottingham 30 x 30 ins printed canvas). Also of course keeping it social having a delightful coffee and chat with Dawn and hear more about her exciting exhibitions taking place in Tuscany and most recent one in London. Her art is so lively and colourful and above all, happy. Love it all...and it shows she enjoys every journey it takes her on.



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