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Creatives Lockdown 2020 by Art - Culture - Tourism

ACT proudly presents our e-book Creatives Lockdown 2020 published via ISSUU (non-commercial) which you can now experience and share.

There are 33 pages including covers, inside publishing details page, Title, Contents, Acknowledgements, my Introduction & linocut print artwork pages, and one page each from the 24 Creatives. Please turn the pages and press the + button to magnify and zoom into each.

Update 4.7.20. Our ACT last in the series of 'What'sOnDigital' took place last Tuesday 30th June. It was a fabulous show! Marcus Gilmore reported on ACT ebook ‘Creatives Lockdown 2020’. If you missed it, just click on the link below and enjoy! You can also add any comments you wish.

Here's a screenshot of us all at the end of the show. Caron Lyon of PCM creative our producer, myself, my interview guests - Writer & Journalist Matt Turpin& Actor Melvyn Rawlinson - Santa Jolly - together with ACT reporters Inna Schuttson English Heritage & home teaching and Marcus Gilmoretalking about about the published ACT ebook "Creatives Lockdown 2020".

My INTRODUCTION page is repeated below.

Here is my summary from 24 Creatives Lockdown comments from Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, UK, USA & Netherlands which have been collated from my mid-April Facebook Call-Out.

The overall consensus is that the majority of creatives are loving and embracingtheir lockdown time, which started in the UK 23rd March. It has given them quiet, the focus to work and complete those projects they started some years beforehand and to start new ones. For writers, poets, musical composers and performers, the words and notes are streaming out in steady flow and inspiring us all on YouTube, Watch Parties and LIVE digital on-line shows. For artists of all kinds, from visual to textile, lock down life has been welcome and given them more clarity.

Storytellers have never been so busy recording their acting and voices to a wide and enthralled audience. Authors are busy doing voice-overs to their books or doing LIVE reading parties internationally to children via Facebook.

The facilities of ZOOM and Drop Box are spreading like wildfire. Home chorus choirs have been springing up and tuning up to rapt response, as well as virtual busking. Art and musical collaborations are flourishing; poets with musicians, musicians with visual artists, dancers with composers as well as weekly Virtual Cuppa meetings.

These lockdown comments, together with creation photos and business links, are now presented to you in this valuable PDF e-book which can be shared and resourced by many people, fellow creatives and industry professionals. Please do start or continue collaborating with each never know what masterpieces will transpire!

Digital Art and Culture is widely accessible to everyone and even more so during the last two months. Creatives are not only helping themselves but so many people and children out there. Art is therapy and always has been, for our (mental) health and well-being.

Everyone’s thinking and planning have changed for the better. Nature and wildlife are flourishing so our inspirations are following suit. Our senses have sharpened, for young and old, so it has been good to get together with our families, via FaceTime, or just being on our own, to create and enjoy these precious moments. We now look forward to Lifting Lockdown.

To find out more about Art Culture Tourism, our What’sOnDigital Podcasts, LIVE video streaming, virtual resourcing links and Blog, please go onto our website and social media.

May 2020



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