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Crossing Cultures 6 - February 2019 - Synergy NG9

ACT Cultures Crossing - bringing diverse talent to Synergy NG9

For accessibility especially for those with care responsibilities we stream Cultures Crossing showcase performances to FacebookLIVE.

Following on from the huge success of Art-Culture-Tourism's first Cultures Crossing 5 evening of 2019, this month’s event was held held at Synergy NG9 as an acoustic showcase.


Marysia Zipser previously hosted the Cultures Crossing events solo with behind the scenes support from PCM's Caron Lyon, This event saw her welcome, Adam Zareba as a co-host.

Adam perform at our January event and is a very talented singer and songwriter; he has been invited to perform live on Notts TV on the 29th March's "Ey-Up" show following his performance on January 30th for Cultures Crossing 5 held at The Berliner Beeston.


ACT Cultures Crossing | SynergyNG9 flyerDownload File

Cultures Crossing Press Release CC6 - FINALDownload File

Wednesday 27th February 2019 SynergyNG9 60 Attenborough Lane, Chilwell, Nottingham, NG9 5JW

Cultures Crossing 6 Thank Yous

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