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Dawn Lindson Blog #ACTCC8 @Bennetts Long Eaton

By Anya Lee

ACT Cultures Crossing #8

photos by Inna Schutts

​On the 24th April 2019 I attended another fantastic Cultures Crossing event held at the Bennetts hotel in Long Eaton.

The layout of this month’s event was the same as last month’s with a musical instrument to open the evening and dancing for the guests to enjoy which brought the evening to a close. There was a range of other talented artistes performing in between and plenty of time for networking.

​I was taken away with how beautiful Ursula Al-Mishari played the Violin, the Bollywood

style is very tuneful and I felt mesmerized

listening to it. She said that she performs her

music for weddings, I would highly

recommend her for anyone getting married.

Next in line was Stephen Jon the Mask Maker wearing his wonderful master creations to display each of the characters emotions, he has also learnt various techniques to perform with each one and he had the audience laughing. Since some of his masks rely solely on body language they are a great form of communication for people that cannot hear. He also explained the process in which he uses to carefully craft the masks to a high standard. Although being a lengthy process he can even make them out of leather.

During the networking break I had a interesting chat with Pam Miller, an Artist who will be performing at next month’s event. She explained the technique she uses to create Artwork on canvases by using the pulp from Christmas cards and acrylic paints. I am looking forward to watching the demonstration.

Florette Fetgo and Victoria Mponda from Global Sistaz United were the first up on stage after the break. Florette played the drum and the flute; she did a mixture of this whilst at the same time clapping and bowing as she handed out little woven baskets to some of the guests.

​It made her performance have a real African feel with a special touch and I was one of those lucky guests who gratefully received one. Victoria also read a poem that she had written. It is wonderful to see refugees using their skills in such a positive way to help each other whilst awaiting their right to reside status from the Home Office.

After a brilliant story from Tim Ralphs about a Cow – I particularly liked the unexpected twist of how the farmer got his Cows back, what a crafty wife the farmer has! Idalberto Alcada-Rodriguez who is an Afro Cuban Salsa dancer displayed his brilliant moves on the dance floor. Not only using his feet but he balanced a machete on his head and was throwing it around in the air. He was very talented with his coordination and timing of dancing and catching the sword. ​I had nothing to worry about even though I was sat on the front row.

The evening ended with Idalberto getting everyone moving on the dance floor and when I say everyone even the receptionist at the hotel couldn't resist dancing to the sounds of Cuban music.


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