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Destination Experience : Tarpey Gallery - Castle Donington, Leics.

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

What a way to spend a pleasurable sunny Saturday afternoon wandering around a beautiful sculpture park and fine art Tarpey Gallery nestled behind one of the oldest buildings, dating back to Tudor times, in the historic village of Castle Donington.

​Well that's what myself and my friend Pam Miller, painter, printmaker & mixed media artist, did after motoring out from Beeston, Nottinghamshire, taking just 25 minutes. Our invitation was to attend a special occasion at the Tarpey Gallery held that day to celebrate the recent 70th birthday of Jim Tarpey who is featured in his solo show of paintings and relief works titled Horizon Lines running until 20th June.

The director of the gallery, since 2009, is Jim's son, Luke Tarpey, himself a practising artist and designer. This converted barn behind the main residence houses an ambitious program of exhibitions by established and emerging regional and international artists. It has fast grown into a gallery of high repute selling some of the most exciting contemporary fine art in the East Midlands region.

All photos by Marysia Zipser except others credited to Pam Miller.

Above: Main drive inwards from the High Street with main entrance to right.

​Below: ​Jim Tarpey in front of his solo exhibition Horizon Lines inspired by his visit to Barbados.

​Photos: Pam Miller

Exhibition Statement by Jim Tarpey

“This exhibition brings together a body of work made over the last year. The idea of the exhibition is to look at both the small architectural three-dimensional work alongside the much larger paintings that are dealing with texture, colour and speed across the canvas.

The paintings are primarily concerned with studying the horizon line: the way the end of the sea touches the sky; the way the sky presses down on to the sea; how that line is painted. I am looking to build this idea into my work observing their weight and colour as the soft uncertain space between them intertwine...

Continues here... Horizon Lines by Jim Tarpey

Below: Jim Tarpey's colourful shallow relief works. Photos: Pam Miller

Please see the extent of this gallery exhibition detailing all the artists’ works and prices. Browse Artwork

​Below - multi media artworks by Peter Clayton. He takes his inspiration from his travels, his passion for the garden and family history.

Above photos of the artwork in the gallery

  1. Shirley Stephenson, collagraph and relief print

  2. Mandy Payne, spray paint, oil on concrete

  3. Serena Smith, Diptych Stone lithographs

  4. Heather Duncan and Deb Allitt

  5. Deb Allitt landscape and 3 right Catherine Headley

  6. Val Hudson, oil on wax on wood panel

  7. Looking through the gallery from main exhibition space

  8. Colin Halliday, oil on canvas

Below photos showing the garden and park expanse.

I'm inspired by Nature and the Environment and I love my garden as does Jim Tarpey who has his well placed art studio looking over his beautifully landscaped garden and sculpture park. You can just see it behind musician Mike Steel who sang some nostalgic and warm-hearted songs so welcomed and enjoyed by us and other visitors that afternoon.Below Pam Miller and myself

I walked up to the end of the park because the tall trees were beckoning me, I loved the shafts of light. One of those moments when I could have just laid flat on the ground looking upwards listening to the birds and gentle rustle of the leaves...

You can see by Pam's and my expressions we really loved the whole experience of the Tarpey Gallery and park.

Pam Miller writes: "I particularly enjoyed viewing the work of Jim Tarpey during my last visit to the Tarpey Gallery - very striking colourful paintings and shallow relief artworks, inspired by his recent visit to Barbados. His work occupied the space extremely well and complemented the rest of the contemporary art on display, including the upstairs gallery, where Luke, his son and Manager of the gallery, had his inventive photography on display alongside other exciting work of exhibiting artists. It was, indeed, a pleasure to accept Luke's invitation to such a wonderful exhibition, in a superb gallery and enjoy the beautiful garden, on the occasion of Jim Tarpey's 70th birthday during the month of June." Pam Miller Fine Art - Pam Miller, Fine Artist - Nottingham UK

After 20th June, the next exhibition is Tarpey Gallery 'Light and Dark' 26th June until 8th August, with opening 26th June 2-5pm, featuring work by Julie Leach, Emma Fitzpatrick, Kat Evans, Clare Phelan, Shirley Stevenson, Jackie Berridge, Lisa Denyer and Bethany Stafford. This will be as diverse an exhibition as we have put on since the galleries launch in 2009, in terms of both aesthetics and subject matter. Light and Dark covers such a wide spectrum of ideas and inspiration for artists, from classic elements of form like contrast, light, shade and colour to the broader theme of our humanity and the show will touch on these ideas and much more in between. We can’t wait to welcome you to the opening on the 26th June.

If you can’t make the opening hours or wish to view a specific artwork please call Luke on 0777 240 4293 or email to arrange a time. 77 High St, Castle Donington, Derby DE74 2PQ Opening Times : Thursday – Sunday, 10am – 5pm Covid-19 Open as usual, face coverings must be worn in the gallery, please keep a respectful distance from other visitors. Maximum of 6 people in the gallery at one time. Tarpey Gallery: Contemporary Fine Art Gallery Artwork by Luke Tarpey *** To me a visit to the Tarpey Gallery offers the whole destination experience - contemporary fine art by regional and international artists, excellently curated exhibition spaces to walk through, around and upstairs, stunning garden and park and always a pleasurable welcome. And if you have some extra time afterwards to discover the historic delights of the village and surrounding area, then here are a few links below to entice you.


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