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Great day out at Beeston-Nottingham by Rita Carta-Manias

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Rita Carta-Manias is ACT Non Exec Director Meet The ACT CIC Board Members. Here she talks about her Beeston day experience.

I had a fabulous Saturday in Beeston, Nottingham, courtesy of Marysia Zipser and the amazing team of CIO. Those who attended and welcomed Rita were Jeanie Barton, Fern-Louise Sutton (ACT Digital Research Analyst), Carla Chiericallo (Online teacher English, Italian & Spanish), Lamar Francois (Photographer), Nigel King (Photographer) and Angie Sanderson (ACT Volunteer Photographer). After keeping my hosts waiting because of a cancelled train from London, I had a lovely brunch chat at the Bendigo Lounge - Café Bar - Beeston on the High Street, then spent a wonderful afternoon walking around the town for a little taste of the (Facebook group) Beeston Street Art Trail. VisitNottinghamshire Discover the Beeston Street Art project Please click on the photos to enlarge. All photos by Nigel King unless otherwise credited.

I'll be back to complete the interactive map soon!

​I was then shown the amazing space for the proposal of theA Light Night in Beeston #alightinBeeston

A light artwork proposal for the wall facing the interchange and the medieval church garden is going to be submitted to the council for approval and will attract and dazzle tourists and residents with the connection to the local area heritage.

All photos below by Jeanie Barton

Jeanie Barton, singer-songwriter (also ACT Non Exec Director)is doing a fantastic job as project manager of the initiative alongside keepingThe Beeston Showcaseexhibition on, in the fabulous art centre space in the town square - see above. So much potential uncovered!!

I will definitely donate to the fundraiser for Jeanie's ‘Beauty’ car tour in town!

A surprise warm sunshine appeared all of a sudden giving us the opportunity to enjoy a great walk alongside the Beeston Waterfront and Canal area, with a relaxing stop to admire the gardens and take photos of the river Trent at the Canalside Heritage Centre - Beeston​- see above.

A quick pit stop at Marysia's house garden to enjoy a fresh drink was the perfect ending before catching the train back to London.

While taking in the view and charming scents of her lavender and roses, I could feel and understand even more the inspiration behind#TheYearoftheRoses2021 international initiative launched in April this year by Marysia/ACT with OKAY! Italy schools magazine. You must read her ACT web page to know more

Year of The Roses 2021and submission form Its banner and Schools/Museums poster are additional to use and promote in UK and worldwide.

​See all ACT's Partners and Charities on web page now supporting and engaged with this initiative including VisitNotts Welcome to Nottinghamshire, UK - Home of Robin Hood

Thank you Rita for the lovely roses!!

A return to nature in our little home-spaces has kept us going in the past year, offering very much sought-after well-being moments!

I left with a feeling of wanting to see more for sure, and hear all about the great cultural projects in support of the town and the community.

Thank you Marysia and team for your time, it was lovely meeting you all and visiting Beeston for the first time. It's so inspiring to see all your hard work and commitment to make the town a tourism spot in the Midlands.

You are a force of nature!!!

Looking forward to be back for more for: #TheYearoftheRoses2021 final event late Autumn #BeestonStreetArtmaptour #AlightinBeeston | A Light in Beeston inauguration #TheBeestonShowcaseExhibition

You can support Marysia and the ACT team with business sponsorship opportunities or donations... Marysia Zipser ART - CULTURE - TOURISM - Home Directly Support Jeanie Barton - A Light in Beeston project here:

Rita Carta Manias GR Art Lover, Culture Enabler, Art Opps Sharer Director @island2island_art Operational Manager of ArtCan Treasurer at The Visual Guys / /

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