Great day out at Beeston-Nottingham by Rita Carta-Manias

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Rita Carta-Manias is ACT Non Exec Director Meet The ACT CIC Board Members. Here she talks about her Beeston day experience.

I had a fabulous Saturday in Beeston, Nottingham, courtesy of Marysia Zipser and the amazing team of CIO. Those who attended and welcomed Rita were Jeanie Barton, Fern-Louise Sutton (ACT Digital Research Analyst), Carla Chiericallo (Online teacher English, Italian & Spanish), Lamar Francois (Photographer), Nigel King (Photographer) and Angie Sanderson (ACT Volunteer Photographer). After keeping my hosts waiting because of a cancelled train from London, I had a lovely brunch chat at the Bendigo Lounge - Café Bar - Beeston on the High Street, then spent a wonderful afternoon walking around the town for a little taste of the (Facebook group) Beeston Street Art Trail. VisitNottinghamshire Discover the Beeston Street Art project Please click on the photos to enlarge. All photos by Nigel King unless otherwise credited.

I'll be back to complete the interactive map soon!

​I was then shown the amazing space for the proposal of theA Light Night in Beeston #alightinBeeston

A light artwork proposal for the wall facing the interchange and the medieval church garden is going to be submitted to the council for approval and will attract and dazzle tourists and residents with the connection to the local area heritage.

All photos below by Jeanie Barton

Jeanie Barton, singer-songwriter (also ACT Non Exec Director)is doing a fantastic job as project manager of the initiative alongside keepingThe Beeston Showcaseexhibition on, in the fabulous art centre space in the town square - see above. So much potential uncovered!!

I will definitely donate to the fundraiser for Jeanie's ‘Beauty’ car tour in town!