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Hold it, Snap, Bang Wallop with Damien McGillicuddy.

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Thrilled by tonights photoshoot at Beeston Camera Club and got to speak with Damian. We spoke about being promoted by me through ACT. So lets start here!

Beeston Camera Club, British Legion, with Master photographer Damian McGillicuddy.

Damian McGillicuddy

Early in 2018 The Photographic Industry recognised the significance & magnificence of Damians achievements within the industry, his peers giving him a "Lifetime Achievement award" at the age of 47.


Earlier that day...

​I met with Marcus Nelson of the at Greenhood Coffee House, to see how he and I can help local community of elderly and mental health sufferers. Culture and a conscientious community create an avenue to wellness for everyone.


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