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In December, this happened! Hello 2018... I see you.


Since my NottsTV (WATCH), BBC Radio Nottingham (LISTEN) and Nottingham Post (READ) features in late November, I have been getting ready to move in and launch Art Culture Tourism's new HQ premises in The Hive on Union Street in Beeston.'

Me, Lily Denning and Peter Bullock

Thats how I'm going to start 2018 I'll be opening the door for ACT friends and press on Friday 5th January and on Saturday 6th January hosting the grand public opening welcoming the world to the humble of of ACT International. [photo: Peter and Lily from Peter's 'the english shoemaker' Shoes got a first look I'm looking forward to welcoming ACT friends when ever you drop by] There will be much merriment with ACTor Robin Hoods, Tim Pollard and Adam Greenwood, with John Nowell of Interfilm, all taking part in both events. Any more actors who wish to partake in this fun get in touch.

I am so excited to be gaining a home and delighted that home has such heritage. Union Street in Beeston has an incredible history!

This wonderful website is written and maintained by local historian David Hallam.

While putting this together and negotiating the tenancy ACT development has been progressing fast tapping in to the European ERDF / Big House / D2N2 Growth Fund. Together with international funding, sponsors and investors ACTivities are moving in right direction. It's all coming together now with the hard work of 2017 and I'm very excited, gearing up for January 2018 take-off!

In fact there's a brainstorming meeting taking place with lots of funding forms to sign on Tuesday 2nd January in Beeston!

​- Yay!!


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