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Kia Pitman blog - #ACTCC7 at Minor Oak

ACT Intern Reporting for Cultures Crossing - ​27.3.19

​Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of attending my last ACT Cultures Crossing event as an intern. Hosted at Minor Oak Coworking in Sneinton Market, the venue provided yet another unique and enjoyable evening. After arriving and enjoying a selection of food and drink provided by our host Dee Miller. Marysia welcomed us all and introduced the first act Iryna Muha who performed a selection of Russian songs from her home country.

After that, fine artist Oliver Lovely was welcomed to the stage. Here he provided a fascinating demonstration of how he goes about painting and gave an insight into his work. For me this was the most interesting performance of the evening as his personality mixed with his obvious talent granted an entertaining yet engaging presentation. Following Oliver was Holly Cassidy and Wendy Honeyman-Smith who gave a talk about Sneinton and the local Lord Nelson pub. I didn’t know about this area of Nottingham and learning more about it was not only interesting, but it felt fitting as this was where the event was hosted. Penultimately we were treated to a very fun spoken word performance from Mark Curwood which seemed to raise a laugh out of everyone, followed by the final performance by Alvin and Milda Dance. Here they showed some Kizomba and Semba dance moves and got everyone involved by teaching us a few steps. The dancing I felt really gave the evening a fun closing act. ​In between these performances we were all given the chance to catch up and network with one another, as well as enjoying the hospitality of Minor Oak. I feel like this event was definitely one of the most diverse cultures crossings I have attended and feel privileged to have work with Art Culture Tourism as an intern over the past three months, hoping to enjoy more of these events in the future.


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