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Lace Market Cultures Crossing 9

Marysia's blog

It was another culturally diverse, eclectic evening on Wednesday 30th May at the colourful Lace Market shop, tearoom and creative space of Debbie Bryan’s. I was delighted to be able to bring our Cultures Crossing events back into the city centre for its second time this year.

Entertaining us that night were Steve Benford, Celtic guitarist, Pam Miller Fine Artist (with paper pulp demonstration), Mike Payton storyteller, Manjit Sahota poet from Poets Against Racism group, and Vina Ladwa, Indian dancer from the Manushi Dance School. Thank you ALL SO much! You were all thrilling to watch and experience!

Debbie and her team are also celebrating their 10th anniversary at this site on June 20th - Congratulations to you all!! Such a great vibrant venue! Enjoy Inna Schutts wonderful photographs of the event!

Here are a few guest and performer comments we received about the night...

"What a wonderful evening! Story telling, making pictures out of paper, guitar playing, poetry...Amazing! Very cultural evening - think I will come again! " - Margaret Rodger

"Thank you for a great night!" - Clare

"A truly marvellous celebration of people and arts! What a lovely experience to be part of and I look forward to visiting again in the future!" - Chris Wilder, Trickster @chriswildermagic

"Really enjoyed being part of CC9, demonstrating my paper pulp paintings! Thank you so much Marysia and Caron for inviting me to take part, alongside so many talented performers - particularly Vina Ladwa, who during her interactive Indian Dancing, transported me to India! Many, many thanks." - Pam Miller, Fine Artist

"Really enjoyed being part of this evening - warm, entertaining and great company!" - Mike Payton, Storyteller

"Was a pleasure to be here, an amazing evening!" - Rafe Ladwa

"It was wonderful to be able to play for you - and I loved learning to dance!" - Steve Benford

"What an enjoyable evening! Got here a bit late really. Enjoyed the poet, curious to know if he is publishing his work. Loved the dancing, would like to get involved." - Quentin Hood "Veteran of the Folk Revival 60's"


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