London-Warsaw-Katowice-Tychy-Zakopane by John Zipser

Updated: Jul 8, 2021


You may remember my elder brother John from my ACT August 2020 daily blogs recorded as 'Journey of Discovery in East Sussex', written after I stayed with him and his wife Christine at Bexhill. A very memorable visit while also catching up on our family archiving. During my time there, John expressed his determination to visit our first cousin Rysiu and his family in Poland in September and he was liaising with UK passport authorities to get his new passport to make this happen. He received written confirmation before I left and was really looking forward to it. Since his tour, I have been waiting for the right opportunity to publish John’s illuminating blog after I had received all his relevant photographs and captions to accompany it. He’s been learning fast including technical up-skilling on What's App and organising Zoom meetings with his church community! So now you can read the full travelogue of his September expedition to Poland via London - Warsaw - Katowice - Tychy - Zakopane. Enjoy! Marysia Zipser ​Founder of Art Culture Tourism ​Nottingham, UK

The above scenes we didn't manage to see while in Zakopane

London - Warsaw - Katowice - Tychy - Zakopane - by John Zipser

Wed 23 Sept I drove to Purple Parking at Heathrow, then by shuttle bus to Terminal 2. Simplified and automated passport and customs check - not too busy and on the plane in time. English comments by the crew on board are virtually unintelligible but journey pleasant with snacks and reading the LOT magazine. Soon at destination (9.30pm) Polish Time and found ourselves waiting for the bus to go in the Old Town direction - a young man sitting in front of us took pity on our plight and got us off at the right stop where he said we could catch the tram. However he got off with us and then on the tram telling us to leave the stop after he got off. But it was a stop too soon and it was 11.30 before we were safely in our hotel (Old Town Ibis) and settled in our most welcoming room (with an enlarged photo of the moon's surface as the ceiling "wallpaper". We ate remnants of our lunch box from home plus hotel coffee. Images below from left to right:

  1. With Christine at base of the Zakopane ski jump

  2. A taste of Italy on arrival in Zakopane with Hanka & Piotr.

  3. Exiting Rynek (Market Sq) en route to Royal Castle, Warsaw

Thurs 24 Sept

Explored hotel a bit - breakfast very professionally done where we were served by a duo of waiter and waitress serving us from the selection of cold/hot dishes from what we pointed out. There was enough and more so we filled our lunch boxes too the next two days!

​By 11am we had set off to walk to Stary Miasto in warm summery weather, gradually entering the area of old rebuilt burgher's houses, and churches before we got to the Barbican. Horses and traps with wealthy tourists going by as we entered into the Market Place. An amazing area with cafes and parasols around the perimeter and traders of all kinds of wares with the odd beggars and gypsies plying the tourists. (They seemed quite well-off - we saw one later spending his takings at a local convenience store.)

So we sat down and wrote postcards, afterwards deciding to stop and have a coffee at a street cafe/delicatessen. After giving another man at one of the street tables a tract, we got into a conversation, learning his name was Piotr, worshipped at a nearby Evangelical/Augsburg Confession church and had family members living in Brighton.

Wandering further to post the cards and going the direction of the Ramparts, we followed our map until we got back about 6pm, taking photos along the way.

Images below from left to right:

  1. Through the Barbican Gate, Warsaw

  2. En route to the Barbican in Warsaw Old Town