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Marysia's DUBLIN Blog - 3.10.18

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Howth Head overlooking Dublin Bay

Places we visited

  • Howth Harbour and Howth Head overlooking Dublin Bay

  • Malahide Castle Garden

  • Powerscourt House and Gardens

Wednesday we were up very early to drive over to collect Theresa’s lovely grand daughter who we looked after during the day so then we veered onto beautiful Howth harbour and saw the many fish markets and shops and fishing boats and yachts moored there.

Theresa purchased a selection of fresh fish for our dinners that evening. She then drove upwards to Howth Head overlooking Dublin Bay which gave us a stunning vista all around.

Onwards to Malahide Castle not too far away from Theresa’s Farmleigh home where the great expanse of park, gardens and arboretum took my breath away. I didn’t venture into the castle this time but wandered around the gardens with huge over arching tree branches that fell to the ground. The castle provided a magnificent backdrop with its gothic towers and red leafed Virginia creeper adorning its walls. ​I’m sure it is haunted, and wouldn’t like to be inside it on a moon lit or dark night when the owls would be howling!

Back home and then off again further to Powercourt House, within the 1,000 acre Powercourt estate in County Wicklow with 47 acres of gardens.

There’s also two championship golf courses and a 5 star luxury hotel and spa in Palladian style, and also Ireland’s highest waterfall at 121m.

​The splendid Sugarloaf Mountain overlooks the estate. So you can imagine Theresa and I taking photographs everywhere we walked.

We wondered around the Italian Garden, Tower Valley, Japanese Garden, walled gardens, Dolphin Pond, and Triton Lake, all magnificent and akin to Versailles grandness and classical appearance.

Malahide Castle Garden

We arrived back quite late and to supper for all of us. Little Ellie was in her element and still squealing with delight.


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