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Marysia’s END OF SUMMER Blog - 9.10.19

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Hi folks, sorry it’s been five months since my last blog and press release but family and personal health and well being became priorities for me (and still are) so couldn’t sustain a steady flow of ACTivities.

As you will be aware, my days at The Hive, Union Street, in Beeston finished in mid-May when I closed my ACT art gallery and hub to allow another tenant to take over. It was great while it lasted from January and I learnt loads, March being a particular busy month with international artists, photographers and filmmakers visiting for the GhostBus / LandRoverMapping event and Beeston Film Festival which included the month long Italy Art and Photography exhibition. ​All went very well and everything is recorded in my April blog. I still need to post all the photos and videos made alongside the text but their links are on the blog/press release for you to see in the meantime. And of course my ACT International Facebook page include loads of photos January- May. Over the summer months I was keeping busy with local dogs coming to stay with me for weekends and odd weeks while their owners went away on holiday. Always great company and therapy for me now that Tag is no longer around. And getting busier again with bookings from now until end of the year! Tally ho! At least I’m keeping fit and being close to nature with all the walking in adjacent Beeston Rylands parks and riverside paths which is good! By the way, I have in fact put on some weight because I haven’t been rushing around so much and chocolate and cakes had taken my fancy too much!! Thinks...maybe I’ll sign up to Pure Gym in Beeston just to lose that extra weight and tone up my muscles! Just make sure I do ok?!

The highlights over the past two weeks have been my visits to London and Dublin so here goes…


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