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Marysia's ACTive Blog - 5.10.18

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

I woke up to a new day and being inspired to get on with my world as though the beautiful places of nature I experienced over the last few weeks had spurred me on creatively.

NOTE TO SELF! ​​Remember ​Art-Culture-Tourism is an initiative.

After some weeks of deliberation prior to my trips, I have decided to go back to what ACT successfully started with in Beeston in December 2013 and through 2014, which was performance networking evenings telling Beeston, Nottingham and the world, what the town was really about and what made it so special with its overflowing creativity and entrepreneurship, and fostering that abundance.

So from January 2019 onwards, during the 4th week of each month, Art Culture Tourism will host a LIVE review magazine 'show' of What’s On over the months to come by staging 6-10 minute slots of performances. All in between opportunities to networking, chat and drink. Each evening will start 6.00pm and finish 8.30pm, held at different venues in and around Beeston. I, together with interns joining the ACT intern programme in association with Nottingham Trent University, will be garnering hyper local and Nottinghamshire Sponsors to sustain these events and more. ACT NTU intern students will help operate ACT to further their work experience, enhance their own projects. There are so many specialisms that thrive on arts and culture, in arts and humanities, art and design, cultural heritage, tourism, creative writing and journalism to name but a few. The continual theme of Crossing Cultures will be reflective of what the community means to the town. ACT's cross cultural exchange and study trips will be running again in 2019.

ACT will develop its Promotions consultancy local to global and I, and our specially recruited interns and writers, will regularly blog on our website and across social media platforms to sustain ACT’s mission, aims and objectives.

This will allow me to focus on my writing features (and blogging) and liaise, with not only local businesses, but with countries overseas who have continued to enquire over the last three years, if they can collaborate with ACT to develop and sustain their own art, cultural and tourism projects with help from The Ghost Bus Project, Robin Hood initiatives and pan educational projects.

I need to pursue my own personal goals and one of them is to write a small book called “The Adventures of Tag and Miss Zippy”, and then to continue to write a collection of small books along the same theme, subject and format encompassing philosophical and moral tales.

See Tag and Miss Zippy (me) here. Tag was LinkedIn’s Mascot and became rather famous!

​​Retirement is out of the question!

So there we have it in black and white and



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