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Marysia's blog - 6.3.20 - 16.3.20 ACTive week

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

During these anxious times, the need to write or blog, podcast and make art & craft as calming therapy at home is even more compelling, so I’m continuing to do so and hope you are or will too.

​Anyone local who NEEDS help or those who wish to OFFER their help during COVID-19, please contact our Beeston & Chilwell community Facebook siteBeeston Chilwell Area Mutual Aid Group

Friday 6th March

My 68th birthday! I had a wonderful lunchtime celebration with six friends at Trattoria L’Oliva, High Road, Beeston enjoying Italian cicchetti (tapas) authentic dishes prepared individually by Marco di Blasi, with yummy desserts afterwards. Cibo delizioso e servizio eccellente! Mille grazie Marco!

Thank you everyone for coming and those who sent me birthday wishes via social media, and thank you for all your presents and cards. So much appreciated and for keeping me young at heart!

Saturday 7th March ​Nottingham Health & Well Being Show at Jubilee Conference Centre 7-8 March. I attended this 10.00-12.00 and was well impressed - the exhibitors, the location, meeting and talking with Liz & Ian of . Liz personally took me around the two exhibition spaces where she kindly introduced me to individual exhibitors. Spaces and workshop/lecture rooms were being utilised extremely well. By the time I left, the spaces were buzzing. In the future ACT looks forward to collaborating with Liz and Ian on creative health & well-being projects. In the meantime please look up these exhibitors and see how they can help you by studying their websites, emailing them for assistance and listening to their podcasts. “Health and well being is your No. 1 in life, as when you are ill you cannot look after your family and loved ones” my father kept repeating to me as I was growing up.

Tuesday 10th March 10.30-12.00 D2N2 Growth Hub 1-1 meeting with Richard Crowden at Broxtowe Borough Council offices in Beeston. This was a very welcome update with Richard advising me about ACT’s next growth steps, especially investment & funding and hence recruitment. Our services have developed excellently over the last six years with all proof on our website and archives. I will complete our What we Do / Consulting section soon. ​Our local Beeston Rylands internet goes down causing inconvenience to hundreds of homeowners and businesses. As a result I went into Beeston coffee shops like Green Hood coffee house and Beeston Library to access the internet and carry out valued communications.

Wednesday 11th March

​08.30-10.00 Attended NIPIM at Surface Gallery by Creative Quarter Sneinton. This was an excellent presentation and networking opportunity organised by CQ about Nottingham’s latest developments. I met colleagues Ben Rawson (BRIC Consultancy), Tamily Cookson & Stephen Barker (CQ) with Ben introducing me to Sara Blair-Manning (CEO Nottingham Castle Trust), Robert Dixon (Interim Chief Exec Marketing NG & Econ. Development Nottingham City Council) and John Morgan of Leonard Design (Architects). We discussed Beeston, what ACT is doing and how we can mutually project collaborate. Leonard Design are the architects for our current Beeston Station Road residential/cinema/retail & restaurants development currently under construction.

Visited Beeston Library for further communications access and everyday following including Sat 14th. ​

Thursday 12th March PM announces ‘delay’ method for COVID-19. Friday 13th March ACT Group catchup calls with Inna Schutts and Dawn Lindson. ​Saturday 14th March 10.15 - 12.00 Attended Nottingham Print Fair Contemporary and then to my InterNations group lunch - please read my previous blog about this 15.3.20.

Sunday 15th March 11.00-12.00 Exhibition by Mat Collishaw at Djanogly Gallery, Lakeside Arts University Park (proposed run until 7 June 2020, now cancelled). This was awesome and I’ll be posting my blog & photos about it this week. ​Thank goodness, the Internet is now up and running again. 6 days without; apparently a BT cable was accidentally cut through and engineers finally renewed connection.

Monday 16th March 11.00-13.30 Had a wonderful 1-1 tuition on Reduction linocut printing at Long Eaton Art Room by the lovely Fiona Holmes known as I will be writing my blog about this during the week with photos of my 2-colour linocut prints and creative development process. Stay safe and stay strong in mind. Think and act creatively at home. Anyone who NEEDS help or those who wish to OFFER their help during Covid-19, please contact our Beeston & Chilwell community Facebook site Beeston Chilwell Area Mutual Aid Group ​Marysia Zipser ​


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