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Marysia's blog - ACT Podcasts - What's On Local - the way to go!

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Last Tuesday 25th February saw myself and our ACT Team - Caron Lyon PCM creative, Inna Schutts and Dawn Lindson - launch our first 2020 podcast, and what an enjoyable and enthusiastic production it was!

Led by Caron, who is our podcasting and ‘extending the audience’ guru, we all met up at 10.00 am at The Bean upstairs,

1 Stoney Street, Beeston,

to set up the laptop microphone to catch our close chat together on all things “What’s On Local” ​for March.You can listen to it here on the link...

We had a lot to talk about so Caron had prepared a running order schedule with all our relevant event links to information, photos and blogs. It was a slick podcast, thank you Caron! We started off reviewing our experiences about Nottingham #LightNight 7th/8th February and then followed with what events we had selected and were attending during March.

Our special guest, John Currie, director of the Beeston Film Festival, gave a 5 minute talk about this 6th annual event 25th - 29th March. Launch night takes place on Wednesday evening 25th at The Berliner Bar, Chilwell High Road, Beeston from 7pm. ACT is a Sponsor of the BFF for Best Audience Award every year. Thank you John, you were fab!

Catch all the film session schedules and purchase tickets (only £4.00 each) on and Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

You can listen to the podcast here and download the Anchor.FM App to your phone. We hope you like it and please 'Like' and leave your 'Comments' after this blog - we’d really appreciate them!

Our monthly Tuesday schedule for 2020 will be as follows, taking place at The Bean Upstairs, where we’ll invite you to pop in and join us as our studio audience including any of our local sponsors & contributors. Our

10-15 minute podcasts will be recorded between 10.30 - 11.00.

Tuesday 24th March

Tuesday 28th April

Tuesday 26th May

Tuesday 23rd June

Tuesday 27th October

​Tuesday 24th November

Thank you everyone and let’s see how our ACT-ive audience extends and expands over the following months. We wish you to benefit from our “What’s On Local” podcasts because YOU are our best audience, and we care about you and community.

Marysia Zipser


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