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Marysia's blog - NEW beginnings of my Garden Art

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

I've created new developments to my GARDEN ART front and back. You can see how my garden developed 2014 to 2019 under our More... Events and scroll down, on our website.

At the end of February my front patch was changed from wild flowers area (of 5 years) with ground cover being copied to match the sandy coloured pebbling of my back garden. Existing lavenders, pulmonaria, cyclamen and other perennials remain in place as you can see.

In my back garden the seven year old lavenders had got too woody so are being gradually replaced with new ones continuing with the same and different species. All existing perennials and roses are growing well and being cared for. New roses are being added this month. I do like moving shrubs and perennials around if their current location doesn't suit them and re-arranging the garden colour palette to my taste.

Nature is my inspiration for my writing and blogging as well as my own art. My creative development embraces my sense of place and identity. The wild life visiting my garden increases in harmony year by year. Over the last six years, Art Culture Tourism has been evolving organically to keep in tune with nature, health and well-being. Marysia Zipser


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