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Marysia's blog - Yay! My first reduction 2-colour lino cut printing!

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

I wrote in my last blog that I attended this 1-1 experience on Monday with Fiona Holmes who is a professional linocut artist and printer, at The Art Room in Long Eaton, Derbyshire. @minifisoddities - Facebook,

@minifis_oddities - Instagram email:

What a treat it was for me for 2.5 hours, and here you can see the fruits of my labour!

Being a very experienced workshop leader, Fiona first explained what reduction printing is all about and the design and print process that I would be following, considering the paper and ink colours that I’d like to use. For one colour linocut beginners like me, these were her basic guidelines: The lightest colour is first done on white block. Cut away what you want to stay white. Ink plate again with next lightest colour. Print it. I produced 10 prints. Make sure you define the dark lines around the items. Print again with black ink.

Few second video (below) that Fiona took of me carefully peeling away my print.

I’m sure, for one colour linocut printers out there, you will have questions to ask me or Fiona directly to take you to this reduction printing stage in your design process. For your information, Fiona will be doing online videos. Her contact details are here again for you below. Her style is unique and I love her nature and wildlife prints! Thank you so much Fiona for your masterly class in reduction printing, I SO enjoyed it!

In addition, I thought I’d show you my latest print produced with different inks of my January design of Wollaton Hall & Deer Park. ​I’ll be experimenting more with inks and papers over the following weeks/months and producing new designs for both one colour and two colours.

Think and act creatively. Get your crafting skills to the fore and stock up with your cutting and printing items. There are so many brilliant YouTube tutorials out there and do please get in touch with Fiona to ask questions if you decide to embark on this craft and need more guidelines before purchasing any beginners’ lino cut printing sets or materials. Above all, have FUN, like I did! Marysia Zipser


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