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Marysia's Flower Art

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

During this year’s garden summertime, I decided to take on another nature-derived creative activity. This time to return to my love of flower pressing remembering my maternity days when I produced artworks mounted in my own handmade picture frames.

Here is my first attempt I completed in July which now hangs in a private residence in Camberley, Surrey.

Over the eight years I’ve been living at Beeston, Nottingham, I’ve designed and developed my own small front and back gardens with planting schemes that have endured or changed according to nature’s seasons and their flora camaraderie. When I moved to Beeston (Rylands) from West Bridgford in 2012, the back garden had a simple green lawn with the minimum of plants. In fact it was like a blank canvas with just the left fence wall taken over by a spread of summer jasmine which increased in height and breadth over the following four years, until I had to make the decision to cut it down to prevent the fence from disintegrating. Also my garden area needed more space and light. You can see the early development of my garden until present day under my website section ‘Garden Art’.

I’m inspired by Nature and the Environment which in turn leads to (Mental) Health & Well-being. My garden is my journey in Life, and always brings back memories. I explain this in my ‘Letter from Beeston’ which was broadcast by BBC Radio Nottingham here

I rediscovered my ‘new’ creativity last Autumn 2019 when I decided to take up linocut printing inspired by Nature, wildlife, parkland and historic buildings. Creative downtime therapy it was and I really enjoyed it. See my January blog

Images Below Left to Right

  1. Wollaton Hall & Deer Park linocut prints (a) Front View & (b) Side View. A5 card prints & A4 mounted prints.

  2. In my garden with framed Wollaton Park framed print, Hare print, roller and my original linocuts. ACT Garden Workshops 2021 Spring-Autumn.

  3. Wollaton Hall & Deer Park A5 printed cards, A4 mounted prints & selection of my linocut prints.

Although I am still producing my linocut prints, and selling them via Nottingham Tourism Centre - Nottingham, Wollaton Hall: Home Shop, and Artworks, Arts and Crafts Materials in Nottingham | Home | Artworks Chilwell High Road, I now wanted to try and preserve my garden flowers and sustain their colours in the best way I could and display their beauty by arranging them mounted on card or board.

My Flower Art pictures completed August to September are shown below. They are designed to fit A4 frames. I would like to attempt A3 size later this year. Why don’t you see how many flowers you can identify in each one?

During this summer and arising from the popularity of my blog 17.6.20, my ACT ‘Creative Partner’ & Guest Artist, fellow blogger, visual artist, author and journalist, Roberto Alborghetti, was inspired to start the initiative #YearoftheRoses 2020-2021. He is known for his wonderful macro photography and environmental art project LacerActions. So he focused on his ROSES photography and light transparency to complement my blogs and social/business media posts. Read and see any of them on his blogsite Here’s one of them He writes ‘In this photography here are some macro photographs that highlight how the transparency of the ambient light can create shades’. All photos are copyrighted to Roberto Alborghetti.

At the beginning of the months June and July, ACT photographer and blogger Inna Schutts produced stunning shots of my garden flowers and plants which prompted Roberto to make this video dedicated to my garden - Welcome to Marysia’s Garden - Roses, Lavender and Scents of Life. Enjoy! This brings us back in full colourful circle to my Flower Art pictures. The following are my latest creations.

If you would like further information about about my Flower Art pictures and how to buy them or to privately commission me to produce any pictures or any linocut prints, then please contact me via this website or email me at I would be delighted to hear from you and/or do write any Comments as you wish below the blog.

My photo of 'Blue For You' floribunda in my garden. This is dedicated to my dear friend Lisa Freebody who has always encouraged me in my creativity and my photography. Love you Lisa! xxx

Many thanks for reading this. Enjoy your garden or local parkland and let Nature and the Environment inspire you to create anything you wish…

Marysia Zipser

Embracing Creativity - Promoting People & Places


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