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Outlaw and the Shoemaker Series - Press Release

The Outlaw, the Shoemaker and his Apprentice in Nottingham

ACTive - Press Release 15th October 2017Download File

How does Robin Hood keep the Sheriff on his toes? A good pair of boots. All that hi-jinks takes it toll on the shoe leather. Robin Hood’s boots were worn out. Should he spend his loot on new boots or revive the worn out but worn in and comfy old ones?

The Outlaw (Adam Greenwood) of Robin Hood Legacy - Robin Hood Experience of Friar Lane, Nottingham, came to collect his favourite boots from Nottingham’s English Shoe Maker, Peter Bullock of Peter’s Shoes which were beautifully restored, heeled and soled by the Shoemaker and his Apprentice, Lilly Deeming. (Photo 1) Afterwards the Outlaw couldn’t wait to show his Maid Marian (Lisette Sorenson) the restored boots at his base camp hideout owned by Robin’s alter-ego local businessman Adam Greenwood, on Friar Lane, The Robin Hood Experience. (Photo 2) The Peter explained how he restored them, much to their delight and amazement! “I loved those boots”, Adam said, “I thought I would never be able to wear my favourite boots again. Robin Hood is in my soul… and I now realise, in my soles!”

PHOTO 1 - Adam Greenwood and Lilly Demming
PHOTO 2 - Peter Bullock, Adam Greenwood, Lisette Sorenson
Peter Bullock, Adam Greenwood, Lisette Sorenson

Photo credits: Christopher Frost, of A Touch of Frost

To arrange an interview with 'Robin Hood'


Adam Greenwood at Robin Hood Legacy,

Open every day 10am-6pm.

Tel: 0115 947 4802

94 Friar Lane,


Adam Greenwood and Peter Bullock

To arrange an interview with Peter's Shoes owner, ​Peter Bullock or apprentice, Lilly Deeming.


Peter Bullock

Open everyday 9am-5pm Sundays 10am-4pm.

Tel: 0115 958 7363

14 Low Pavement



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