Roberto Alborghetti's visit - 4th-8th June - Ghost Bus 2019

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

by Marysia Zipser

Roberto with Marysia, William Ranieri, Marco di Blasi, Jeanie Barton & Inna Schutts at Trattoria L'Oliva, Beeston.

Tuesday 4th June After months of ACTive planning, our special ACT guest Roberto Alborghetti arrived from Italy for his annual visit, on cue Tuesday evening via Skylink. He is Honorary Beestonian and Nottinghamian. Roberto has such a busy scholastic program in Italy every year from September to end of May. Over this time he had spoken to 15,000 students and attended 250 conferences and events! So it’s no surprise he was pretty exhausted when he arrived at the Linden Leaf Hotel in Beeston. The Ryanair plane at Bergamo/Milan airport even waited for him before taking off, because his train connection was late!

We met up with ACT event producer Caron Lyon and, and a short time afterwards, we warmly welcomed and introduced William Ranieri, who had travelled up from Brighton by train, to be our event host presenter and interviewer. William runs his own video production company and is Director-Producer for TV in Brighton. ​ We went over Roberto’s schedule and visit program and in particular the Q&A content and script/running order of the next evening’s event - Ghost Bus 2019 - In Conversation with…Roberto Alborghetti - at The Garage / Gallery at Chilwell.

Wednesday 5th June After well earned sleep and Roberto and William being able to get to know each other more by speaking in their native language together, we all met up at 11.00am at Trattoria L’Oliva in Beeston High Road with Roberto’s firm friend Marco di Blasi. It was lovely to see all three jabbering away in Italiano! Joining us there were Caron, Inna Schutts ACT intern photographer, and Jeanie Barton, Beeston’s Jazz Angel and Beeston Street Art project manager. Jeanie has been collaborating with Roberto since 2016 on visual and musical compositions so it was fitting time to talk about her new CD album launch ‘Moments of Clarity’ this month, and its opening song ‘Soon’ composed 2017 after Roberto’s Spring blossom time visit to Beeston. We then welcomed Alice Scarff, journalist /videographer from NottsTV, who came to interview and film Roberto in authentic Italian surroundings. Alice you did a great job and we were thrilled to see your edited version screened that night on Ey Up Show presented by Danielle Hall. We managed to view it the next morning. It was also fortuitous that Tim Pollard, Nottingham’s Official Robin Hood, was a guest on the show! Please see the clip at time code 17.18 - 20.08. ** INSERT** Notts TV have been keen followers of The Ghost Bus Saga since its original show and short film premiere back in March 2015 then covered by journalist/videographer Sharon Walia who interviewed Roberto by that rusty old bus at Bartons garage.

We then all visited the Weston Gallery’s fascinating exhibition “ Facts & Fantasies - Culture & Heritage of the Romantic Age c.1780-1840” on until 25th August. Tim Rushby, Audience Development & Marketing Manager, came out to welcome Roberto and us, and to introduce him to Mark Dorrington, Keeper of Manuscripts & Special Collections (over from King’s Meadow Campus). It was great for them to converse about the exhibition and Mark’s role. Roberto also talked about Bergamo’s similar happenings during the Romantic Age. Roberto also talked about his Lacer/Actions project he started nearly 20 years ago and gave Mark his brochure. Thank you Mark and Tim!

At 3.15pm, we all gathered at Lakeside Cafe to meet up with my friend and tourism colleague, Assoc Professor Scott McCabe, Tourism Research & Marketing Postgraduate Business Studies (based at Jubilee Campus). Scott has been keenly interested in Roberto’s Ghost Bus ‘Roads’ Project for some time and it was a great opportunity for them both to meet and talk with each other. Thank you Scott for joining us! ​Off at 4pm to catch a taxi back to Beeston and a little relax before the evening event. By 5.45pm I’d collected Roberto and William from the hotel and brought them to The Garage/Gallery on Chilwell High Road. The Garage Events space is now operated by the Barton Bros - Tom, James and Richard. It was a great reunion for Roberto with the