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The Cultural Lions Roar - part 2 of 3

Photo Credit: Nottingham Evening Post

Photo appearances from the left: Marcus Gilmore, Lord Mayor Cllr Michael Edwards, Joe Ganech (on screen), Robin Hood (Adam Greenwood) and Sheriff of Nottingham, Glyn Jenkins.

Lord Byron by Joe Ganech

Tuesday 19th September

The BIG day of the ACT Artists Launch for Joe Ganech and Marcus Gilmore at Nottingham’s Tourism Information Centre (TIC).

Up early-ish and woke up Marcus! Proper breakfasts.

Our itinerary was written down to get us through this ACTion packed day. Off first to University of Nottingham campus Students Union Print Shop to see Edward to collect Joe’s latest prints of Lord Byron and Marcus’s A3 Nottingham Poster which we added to our others already mounted and so ready to put on TIC’s shelves.

Parked car at Lace Market car park and then trotted by THiNK at Cobden Chambers, Pelham Street to collect my camera ( which I inadvertently left there last week) before walking down to the TIC for 10.30am to see Caron Lyon of PCM creative already setting up her mobile live-streaming kit. Mt first meet and greet was to welcome Sapphire Eagle to the ACTion fold. Simon Redgate, TIC Manager, was already busy with assistant Michael welcoming and serving visitors. The Lord Mayor Cllr Michael Edwards and Sheriff of Nottingham, Glyn Jenkins arrived soon after and got stuck in meeting everyone. Joe Ganech joined up in the the live-stream green room from Brussels, and we were all set.

11 O'clock was LIVE transmission kick-off with Caron announcing... all ACTion Go!

​This is how the event panned out (Caron's mini vlog below)


West Bridgford Wire's Article - The Outlaw and the Shoemaker in Nottingham

Photo Credit: Christopher Frost | From the left, Marysia Zipser, Peter Bullock, Robin Hood (Adam Greenwood).

Well done Joe in Brussels and Marcus, and of course Caron for a magnificent staged production with onlookers and participants around the world. Thank you to The Lord Mayor and Sheriff who did a magnificent job of representing our city of Nottingham and introducing Joe and Marcus as Cultural Lions as part of the Nottingham’s European Capital of Culture Bid 2023. Tremendous leadership by The Lord Mayor and insightful knowledge about the city which he proudly spoke about to our global audience. And thank you so much Peter Bullock of Peter’s Shoes who actually purchased Joe’s magnificent 30 x 30 ins canvas of Robin Hood - Prince of Nottingham. He proudly picked it up and said he was going to display it in his shop window the next day! Such a great reception for our represented artists and thank too must go to Simon Redgate who we are so grateful to as our main host. It all finished with a flourish and happy smiles of achievement soon after 12.00 leaving several very hungry artists ready for lunch. So off we all went to Thea Cafea (down alleyway aside Peter’s Shoes) for welcome and deserved foods and drinks. ​​



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