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The Ghost Bus Show and Roberto Alborghetti at Beeston-Nottingham by Andreas Avraam

The Ghost Bus project is certainly something different and unique and delves into a history I could not believe, along with stories and stunning visuals created by Roberto Alborghetti, with the event in collaboration with Marysia Zipser, Founder of Art Culture Tourism & ACT Ambassador.   It was incredibly interesting as a photographer for the event and observer to get an insight into the story. 

The event was held at Beeston’s stunning St John the Baptist Church, delighting attendees with a captivating visual and musical arts experience. It is an iconic landmark in Beeston which fits the town's charm and interesting history, especially as Beeston is now recognised as the UK’s Art Culture Tourism Capital.

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Arriving at St John the Baptist Church - Mayor of Broxtowe Cllr Sue Paterson with Roberto & Marysia - Beauty car owned by Jeanie Barton

Roberto Alborghetti, an Italian author, journalist, visual artist, and official biographer of Pope Francis, visited Beeston and Nottingham for the eighth time since 2014. His initial inspiration came from an old rusty bus at Bartons Garage. During this visit, Roberto showcased a series of short videos, including three new ones: the JCidel Collection of handbags, created in the USA and Italy from his macro photo images and featured at London, Paris, and Miami Fashion/Art Weeks 2023; Lacer/Actions in London Special Edition; and BEESTON is ABSTRACTIVE, a video dedicated to Beeston 2014-2022.

I was asked by Marysia to photograph the event along with other photographers too where we got to capture important moments behind the lens. It was a great opportunity working alongside Nigel King and Christopher Frost. I also had the pleasure of meeting Jeanie Barton, the talented singer whose vocals had me in awe when hearing them on some of the videos that were shown at The Ghost Bus Show.

The Ghost Bus project, part of Roberto’s Lacer/Actions multidisciplinary project, has been touring the world for ten years. This Lacer/Actions project, which he began over 25 years ago, focuses on macrophotography (and street macrophotography) of decayed and torn publicity posters, natural cracks and scratches, and urban/industrial elements.

Roberto revisited Nottingham after two years and I was very excited to meet him after hearing of his exciting projects. As a lover of history and photography I felt that mine and Roberto’s interests aligned and we could have a lot to talk about. 

Upon meeting at the Market Square in Nottingham, myself, Roberto and Marysia made our way to Nottingham castle where we met with Robin Hood, his Merry Men and Maid Marian. At that moment I felt proud to be from Nottingham as it is a delight seeing the representatives of Nottingham’s most well-known historical figures take part in the buildup of the Ghost Bus event In Beeston. The actors often participate in a lot of promotional events, keeping the history of the city alive, everyone loves to see them. I also snapped some photos along with Christopher of the actors with Roberto and Marysia in front of the Robin Hood statue. After that we walked down the road to Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, where we had a few drinks, taking in the unique architecture of England’s oldest inn.

Later on when In Beeston, I had the chance to walk around the town with Roberto where we bonded over our similar backgrounds of culture as originally I am from Cyprus and Roberto Italy, both Mediterranean countries that share a lot in common from cuisine, food, language, values and history. I also showed him some of the photography projects I worked on, with one including photographing an abandoned vehicle graveyard with hundreds of buses, cars and motorcycles.

I arrived before the start of the event where I met the other photographers and videographer Lewis Wheatley-Smith for the evening and also helped set up the event with Marysia. People gradually arrived, including the Mayor of Broxtowe who, just like everyone, was excited to watch the videos that are only shown publicly as part of the Ghost Bus Show. 

While I moved along the room photographing the event, I spent time also observing Roberto’s artwork on display through videos that were strikingly beautiful, close up photography full of colour and deterioration. More interestingly, the close ups were of locations across the city centre where I have probably walked by many times but never stopped to look around my surroundings and see beauty hidden in plain sight. Since that realisation, on my way to places I try to stop and take in my surroundings, appreciating large classical buildings to the patterns on a railing. My favourite part of the event was seeing footage from Roberto’s artwork printed onto clothing and accessories by fashion brands in Italy and America. The materials gave the artwork a different perspective which was really interesting to see.

Andreas Avraam 

Photos below by Marysia Zipser. Click to enlarge.

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I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your article about the Ghost Bus event at the church, and I feel that your photos bring the atmosphere to life. You certainly have plenty in common with Roberto Alborghetti in your photography work and backgrounds, your vehicle photography in Cyprus is very inspirational. I shall share this blog on my social media. Thank you for your insights.


Thank you so much Andreaas for your beautiful story about the Ghost Bus events! I really appreciate it! You wrote a great article entering the spirit of this project! Glad that Act and Marysia Zipser shared it! Many thanks and best wishes for your profession!

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Many thanks again Andreas for your wonderful article/blog about the Ghost Bus Show and about Roberto Alborghetti. So glad you had a chance to really talk to Roberto and to understand his visual art and writing and about his passions for Lacer/Actions project.

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