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Yasmin Tiua blog - #ACTCC7 at Minor Oak

​ACT Intern Reporting for Cultures Crossing - ​27.3.19

​BACT Cultures Crossing Event Minor Oak Co-working Wednesday 27th March Art-Culture-Tourism’s third Culture Crossing event of the year at Minor Oak Co-working was an extremely enjoyable event, showcasing a diverse range of talents, from all around the globe. The event was hosted by the founder of ACT, Marysia Zipser, who interviewed each artist before and after their performance about their work and art, giving the audience further insight into what they do.

The talented artists included Iryna Muha (Ukranian Singer/Musician), Oliver Lovely (Fine Artist), Mark Curwood (Poet, Playwright, Storyteller, Actor), Holly Cassidy and Wendy Honeyman-Smith (Sneinton-Local History) and Alvin and Milda (Kizomba/Semba Dance). This may be ACT’s most culturally and artistically diverse range of acts yet at a Culture’s Crossing event, with the whole audience intrigued at each act, being immersed into the talented world of the individual artist. Minor Oak was a wonderful venue for the event to be hosted at, with its large open space with lots of windows and original paintings all up over the walls, making it a perfect space for artistes. The venue host and owner, Dee Miller, made the setting a welcoming setting for all, with her homemade snacks and refreshments for all to enjoy throughout the evening. I particularly enjoyed Oliver Lovely’s fine art act, where he painted a picture of the famous Major Oak tree in Sherwood Forrest Nottingham in a short slot of 10 minutes, when normally he would spend days to perfect such an image. His improvisational style of work was extremely interesting, meaning not two of his painting ever look the same, which could be argued is a very risky path to take in the art of painting, but it worked brilliantly, leaving the audience and myself very impressed with his work and the end result. I also found Alvin and Milda’s Kizomba dancing a highlight of the night, in which they performed a couple of dances and then opened the floor for its audiences to have a go themselves. It was a lovely way to end the event, with spirits high! Thank you to ACT founder and host, Marysia, for organising yet another wonderful event for Beestonian talents!


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