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Marysia's blog - Garden plants fastest growth rates

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

I appreciate that many of us are fortunate enough to have gardens and can enjoy their natural growth and derive much pleasure during this corona virus isolation lock down. On Easter Sunday I posted on Facebook a series of photos of my garden and noticed how fast some of the plants and shrubs had shot up ‘Triffid’ style over the last two weeks. It prompted me to ask my Facebook community friends about their plants and which ones had shot up in similar fashion in their gardens, and to kindly post any comments and photos taken Easter Sunday 12th April and during this week. So here they are after my own garden photos below.

Below are photos of my garden and those of some of my friends near and far. It’s always good to receive comments about each other’s garden developments and how much surprise and real joy they give us.

My garden's fastest growth plants - Back yard - Euphorbia & Clematis Front yard - Pulmonaria

Well, my fastest growing plant must be the wine coloured clematis (below) which is shooting up about 1-2 feet a day! It grows so profusely that I have to contain its weight by stringing across the top posts a green metal wire to prevent the whole trellis of clematis collapsing forward!

Front yard photos below.

Oksana from Sherwood, Nottingham, said, "Wisteria all in bud. I hope I get some flowers this year." Lisa from Camberley, Surrey, said, "My Magnolia and Pieris! My pieris has been stunning this Spring, a real joy! xx" Wow Lisa, beautiful photos showing their magnificence!

Maeve from St Ann's, Nottingham, said, "Plants winning the growth rate prize are my Japanese anemones. I like the leaf shapes, because the flowers won't be appearing for a while."

She added, "Here's a more colourful bit, ignore the dying daffodils! They did last about a month though!"

Kate from Tollerton, Notts, said, "Lilies and peonies have shot up. This is a beautiful crinkly white flowered one (below) from Sarah Raven. I swear it’s grown a foot this week! My 'Molly the Witch' yellow flowered peony is coming up grand too, have been waiting years to see that in flower and there are 5 buds this year! Excited! 😊😊" ​Kate, I would love to see how your 'Molly the Witch' peony progresses so please do send me some photos in the following weeks!

Lee from Ohio, USA, said,

"My Magnolia tree is now blooming; Marysia, it’s going to snow again this week. Temperatures 37 degrees F with highs only near 42 degrees."

Such weather extremes Lee! This week here in Robin Hood Land, it's in the mid 60's degrees F.

Lee added, "Today it is 38 degrees F and will snow on Friday 1-3 inches. Not uncommon in Ohio.

​We look forward to warm weather beginning May 10 - our Mother's Day. Then we are assured everything will bloom. Here's a photo of my Magnolia taken May 2019."

Suely from State of Bahia, Brazil, sent me these wonderful photos of her garden plants that are in abundant colourful flower! I've captioned each one with their names & stories (hover over photo to read). Thank you so much Suely!

Pam from Beeston, Notts, said, "My tête-à-tête' dwarf daffodils and pieris for you! xxx"

Teresa from West Linn, Oregon, USA, said, "I am sending a picture of the Camellias in our garden right now, SOOC shot, I haven't been out of the house in days, these are definitely the fastest and prettiest, outside of the Tulips, in our garden right now. :) " She added, "The weather here is very similar to England this time of year, part of why we love it so much, our connection to home, plants and weather." So beautiful Teresa, I really wish to plant a Camellia bush in my garden, but where to place it? In my front or back yard and near which wall? Maybe you can help me decide.

Below photo is from Patrizia Poggi at Villa Roncuzzi, near Ravenna. She said, "Our lilac has started to bloom!" Wow! Such beautiful colours, I can whiff the perfume from here!

Thank you very much everyone for your contributing comments and lovely photos; keep them coming!

I would love to hear from readers, wherever in the world you are, who wish to write a comment to me here below, or email me, or PM me on Facebook about YOUR fastest growers in your gardens and submit some photos; I will ADD them in this blog and re-publish, so a record is saved and archived on our website blog for a long time. Enjoy Nature at its best and the simple pleasures the outdoors can bring you. For those of you in isolation in apartments and houses (without gardens), and have internet access, you can see and roam many of the glorious national / international historic house gardens and public park lands via their webcams and website photo galleries. Here is a wide collection of links researched and sourced by ACT contributor and photographer Inna Schutts on her blog site “4 Curious Adventurers” - Exploring the World Digitally - digital resources for travelers trapped at home. Below - Midhope Castle, Scotland.

I really enjoy ‘traveling’ with Inna and her family and I’m sure you will too! I also look forward to hearing from you with any comments or questions, and photos, you wish to contribute and submit. Do enjoy your Springtime, or your alternative seasonal time in the world. Thank you! #staysafe #stayhome #stayhappy ​Marysia Zipser Find me on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn


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